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I'm in a style rut

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spreadingintomiddleage Mon 20-Feb-17 17:05:34

I am almost 50, 5fy 5in and currently weigh 11 stone (I have gained a stone in the last 9 months) I seem to live in jeans/jeggings and jumpers with converse or ankle boots. All a little nondescript and slightly scruffy. I work with school aged children so work clothes are smart-casual (no jeans) Can someone please point me in the right direction for some good quality basics with a twist? I don't want to look 20 again, but am not quite ready to slip into obscurity either! Thanks in advance

Penrithtearooms Mon 20-Feb-17 19:52:31

Apparently Richmond trousers are supposed to be good (from boden)

I haven't tried them yet...cannot afford it! sad

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