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Can anyone recommend a Clarins moisturiser please?

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Honey1975 Sun 19-Feb-17 20:13:23

I need a new moisturiser and as my skin needs a bit of tlc I thought I'd treat myself to a Clarins product so that I can get the free gift from HofF.

My skin is on the dry side so the lady in store suggested the Hydraquench one in the blue pot. This only seems to be available online in the spf version. As I already use a tinted moisturiser with an spf in it would it be too much to use this too?

Is there a difference in how it feels on your skin if there's an spf in it? I've heard some people say they don't like the feel of creams with spf in them.

violetgrey Sun 19-Feb-17 20:48:48

It is available without SPF here,default,pd.html

Or you could get the Hydraquench serum and use your tinted moisturiser on top of it.,default,pd.html

Could you try to get a sample of the SPF moisturiser to see how you like it? Clarins is usually quite good with giving samples.

alaberko Mon 20-Feb-17 07:21:10

I use hydraquench (non spf) + tinted moisturiser every day and find it to be the perfect combo for me.

murphys Mon 20-Feb-17 08:11:40

How old are you OP?

I have used Clarins for years, I just don't get on with any other brand (get terrible eczema and dry patches with anything else) so I just fork out what I need to...

I use the Extra Firming Range, but I am in my 40's. Dd uses all my samples that I get which include the Hydraquench (but ours doesn't have spf in it)or the Daily Energizer cream.

But Multi Active might be good for you too, as that range caters for 25-35 age group iirc.

Nosy now, whats in the free gift??? grin.
I am not in UK, so ours might differ. Usually we have to buy two items to qualify for a "proper" gift. I say proper as even when the gift offers are not on, I have never not received something when I buy. I just ask and they usually have leftovers of the gift or they make one up for me. You don't get anything if you don't ask.... that's my motto wink.

All those little samples come in damn handy

CaoNiMa Mon 20-Feb-17 08:14:35

I've been using the Multi-Active Jour SPF20 in the pink pot for a month or so, and it's done wonders for my skin. I got the 'Booster Repair' drops too, which seem to be doing the job.

Honey1975 Mon 20-Feb-17 20:51:16

Murphys I'm 41 and my face just never feels moisturised with the moisturisers I've tried so far. I'm fed up with wasting money on things that don't make any difference so I'm slightly nervous about wasting another £36 on the hydraquench cream! I have tried a sample though and it did feel lovely and moisturising so I'm tempted!

The free gift includes hand cream, beauty flash balm, both of which I love.
The only thing with buying it online is you can't choose which minis you get in the gift. They've run out of the one without spf in the store.

What is the difference in the feel of the one with spf it? Does it feel sticky? Would it feel too much using that and a tinted moisturiser with spf?

I am slightly 😳 at the thought of paying so much for a face cream - is it really worth it?

murphys Tue 21-Feb-17 06:08:49

Honey, I felt the same as you, for years I used all sorts of brands, and they just never felt that were right. Last year I was a bit short of cash so changed back to a cheaper brand (Eucerin) and I could see and feel the difference within a few days.

I pay out as I haven't yet found a cheaper version that is similar in any way. Lots of folk claim that there are dupes, but I don't think they are personally.

I don't think that the spf version will make it sticky. I have just checked and none of mine have spf in, but I do use the translucent sun cream, I don't live in the UK, but in hot country so I do need the factor 50.

Why don't you go into a store, and ask for samples again. For your age, they will probably recommend extra firming I think. Or get the sample of hydraquench again, then you will have more time to see if you think its worth splashing out on. We don't use Hydraquench in the summer, only winter when skin so much more dry. I thought it was for more dehydrated skin, but if its what the consultant recommended, it might be what you need this time.

Is 36 pounds cheaper buying online than if you go into the store? Because if I convert, its the same price here at normal price. I prefer to go into the store and chat with the consultant, not only as then you really do score on samples (and I get those big ones 15ml tubes), but I find that they do give out good advice. My consultant I sure was getting so fed up with me as I couldn't find a good colour match for my foundation, I went back about 3 times for different samples before I finally decided (on the one she recommended in the first place... wink)

I have the hand cream too, I am just not to keen on the smell of it for some reason. So as I pick and choose my samples, I went for the facial oils last time (lotus oil and blue orchid), and just all sorts really. I bought the body oil for the shower after getting a sample, as well as the melt cleanser. I am a sucker, yes, but they do last a long time. I have had the body oil for a few years now.

I use the fragrances too. blush

I don't use a tinted moisturizer so I can't comment on that bit, sorry.

Its a minefield I know. Let us know how you get on.

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