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Invisalign metal bonded retainer or retainers?

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Carolhh Sun 19-Feb-17 17:02:02

my treatment is coming to an end but I'm a little confused between the two....
i will have to wear retainers at least 12 hours a day and I had a large gap at the top teeth on the side. which is now almost closed.

I prefer the retainers but just wondering what others have experienced?

thank you

Carolhh Sun 19-Feb-17 17:02:59

i mean the metal fixed retainer at the top teeth or plastic removable retainers

retainertrainer Sun 19-Feb-17 19:11:17

I've got a fixed metal retainer,it's no trouble at all and I like the reassurance that if I lost my plastic,removable retainer my teeth wouldn't move before I could replace it. I still have to wear the removable one over night but only once a week.

Carolhh Sun 19-Feb-17 23:25:36

thank you
i still have a slight gap in top teeth but don't want to do the over corrections as they push my teeth too inwards. if I have the metal retainer will it look alight considering there is a small gap?

Carolhh Sun 19-Feb-17 23:26:41

thats good you only have to wear it once a night. are the fixed retainers on both upper and lower?

retainertrainer Mon 20-Feb-17 12:19:37

Just on the uppers,I had braces to close a gap between my front teeth. I'd ask your orthodontist if you'd be able to see the retainer,it's a very thin metal bar so it might be visible. Maybe you could have bonding to close the final gap.

MadisonMontgomery Mon 20-Feb-17 12:36:52

I've got the fixed metal retainer on top & bottom, plus a clear plastic one that I have to wear all the time for 3 months then just at night. Happy with both of them.

parklives Mon 20-Feb-17 15:13:55

Metal is better in that there's very little chance your teeth will move. Plastic retainers are better because it can still floss etc but you have to be comitted to wearing them at night basically forever.
My sister and I did the treatment, I got the metal (but mine was for the lower teeth) and my sister got the plastic retainers.....guess who still has straight teeth and who doesn't?
Not smug, but it's such a commitment to wear the retainers forever, I don't like the feeling of the metal in my mouth feels like you have loads of tartar buildup behind your teeth and I miss being able to floss them so my mouth doesn't ever feel completely clean.

MissFoodie Mon 20-Feb-17 20:27:16

Prefer plastic retainers, cant sleep without them as wore them for teeth grinding prior to having invisalign

Also you can floss which you cant with fixed

Carolhh Mon 20-Feb-17 22:41:12

thankyou guys for replies.

I also have few crowns so seriously thinking against metal

I'm so used to invisalign that I feel I wouldn't be able to sleep without them so maybe retainers is a good option.

the gap is large and it can be closed with over corrections but it looks better apart...sort of making up for a missing tooth

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