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The Bullring, Birmingham

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Kirriemuir Sun 19-Feb-17 14:35:57

I am flying south in a few weeks time and I am likely to have around 3 hours myself in the bullring. Is it just another shopping centre (any shops are usually good to me as I live rurally!) or are there any decent shops to browse? I am definitely going for a wander around selfridges beauty counters and foodhall.

onlyconnect Sun 19-Feb-17 14:37:19

It is just s shopping centre but right in the city centre so if you've got three hours you'll have time to go elsewhere as well.

jerryfudd Sun 19-Feb-17 14:49:56

It is a shopping centre but quite a good one and there is a direct link through to grand central too which has loads of lovely shops including huge John Lewis and lots of places to eat. If you want high end designer (Harvey nichols etc) then the mailbox is only a short walk away too

Realitea Sun 19-Feb-17 19:31:31

It's very close to China town which is my favourite part of Birmingham. Great little cafes where you can get authentic Chinese food.
Anyway, I could easily spend three hours just in selfridges so you'll be just fine! (Apart from that it is just a very big shopping centre really)

RemusLupinsChristmasMovie Sun 19-Feb-17 20:03:27

Other than Selfridges, the Bull Ring is pretty horrible. But John Lewis in Grand Central is luverly!

PossumInAPearTree Sun 19-Feb-17 20:07:08

I prefer grand central. But selfridges is good.

ButterChicken Sun 19-Feb-17 20:14:48

Selfridges is always worth a mooch around.

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