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Thinning hair, tips?

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KeepKeepingOn Sat 18-Feb-17 12:17:31

First noticed my hairline receding about 5 years ago, I suffer chronic anxiety and my gp said it was stress and would return. Generally Ive always had very thick hair that needs thinned regularly. In the last year I'd say my hair has thinned all over by about half. Last year I went through months of handfuls of it coming out in every shower, that has stopped happening but my hair seems to be getting thinner all the time and I'm worried I'll end up bald at only 30.

I've started taking vitamin B, vit D, Zinc and spatone daily and I've bought a biotin shampoo, does anyone else have any tips how to improve this? I've seen special hair products like perfectil will this just contain the same things I'm taking already?

Any advice from people who have had similar happen and improved it would be great.

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