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Any hairdressers/experts? Need advice (pretty please!)

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IsYourNameMichaelDiamond Fri 17-Feb-17 20:50:47

I'm naturally blonde (honey-dirty shade I would call it) with thick wavy hair at shoulder length. A few years ago I started getting my hair coloured, ending up with full-head highlights at quite a light shade, too light I decided in the end. When on mat leave I decided to go red (which I'd wanted to try for ages!) and have had it died all red (auburn) twice since then.
Where I'm at now is I don't want to get it coloured any more and I want to let it go back to normal but it looks awful! Really dark roots, an apricot colour (which I don't love) and soooooo dry at the ends.
Is there a way to ease the transition process or should I just tough it out - have sister-in-law's wedding in August I don't want to look a total mess!
Also have left hairdresser after a disasterous (not asked for!) fringe which has taken 2 months to grow out so would need to be able to explain to new hairdresser what I want to do! sad
thank you so much if you've stuck with my rambling this far, all advice greatly appreciated x

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