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Had hair coloured yesterday and asked for this...

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Eliza22 Fri 17-Feb-17 19:38:42

Wanted warmth, as feeling dowdy and altogether "grey".

Eliza22 Fri 17-Feb-17 19:39:21

Came out with this .... And it's really dry.

Leicesterpiggott Fri 17-Feb-17 19:39:21

... and?

insertsomethingwitty Fri 17-Feb-17 19:39:31

That looks lovely. What did you end up with?

Leicesterpiggott Fri 17-Feb-17 19:39:49

Oh crikey... that's not the same is it...

insertsomethingwitty Fri 17-Feb-17 19:41:10

Yes, see why you aren't happy. It's a very naff version of what you asked for.

Eliza22 Fri 17-Feb-17 19:41:29

Will my hair just not "go" like the first pic (lovely model....not forgetting I'm just your average menopausal woman). Never has my hair looked so grey or dry. This was it before...

Fabellini Fri 17-Feb-17 19:42:08

The colours ok though, and I think it'd look more similar to your first picture if you do a deep conditioning treatment to help with the dryness maybe?

Eliza22 Fri 17-Feb-17 19:44:13

I just thought she'd run some brunette through it but I've come out all ashy. I look like I've been dug up! Very disappointed about it actually as I'm on a "spruce myself up" for spring because I've had a bloody awful time, of late.

What should I do?

SerialCerealKiller Fri 17-Feb-17 19:44:14

What sort of salon was it? If it was a higher end one I'd ring them tomorrow and explain why you are not happy with it. At the least you need a deep condition on it.

If it was somewhere cheaper then you get what you pay for unfortunately.

Eliza22 Fri 17-Feb-17 19:45:33

Fabellini.... I did have a nice shine on my hair before and it wasn't dry. At all.

Fabellini Fri 17-Feb-17 19:48:40

I'm sorry, I wasn't having a go blush

Eliza22 Fri 17-Feb-17 19:52:02

That's ok!! I think that's one reason why I'm hacked off..... I had hair in good condition and use good products. But at my age, to pay for someone to make my hair grey, flat and dry looking isn't what I'd planned.

I've been using the same hairdresser since 2011. The salon owner used to do it but now works part time after mat leave. She's employed a colour specialist so, I thought I was in expert/safe hands. Can it be corrected without ruining my hair further?

Eliza22 Fri 17-Feb-17 20:04:09

Should wasn't cheap! I'm loathe to go back because I don't want her to think I'm being unreasonable wanting such "young hair" on my 54 yr old self! But really, I probably ought to have left it alone 😐

oleoleoleole Fri 17-Feb-17 20:17:45

I'd go back and say when you've washed it you've realised it probably should have some darker highlights in and can it be rectified.

BipBippadotta Fri 17-Feb-17 20:36:44

You might try one of the Revlon Nutri Colour creme conditioners - they leave a really good warm colour rinse and lots of shine and moisture.

MissisBoote Fri 17-Feb-17 20:40:22

Definitely go back!
That's definitely not what you asked for.
I'm sure they'll rectify it especially as you're a repeat customer.
Sympathies - its horrible when you come out of the hairdressers with a bad cut/colour.

FlyWaxSleepRepeat Fri 17-Feb-17 20:45:49

I'd definitely go back. There's no warmth in your hair at all, it needs some brunette slices through it and maybe something to warm up the ashy blonde. And an Olaplex treatment or a deep conditioning treatment. It's nothing like what you asked for but should be quite easy for the salon to rectify.

goodtimesroll Fri 17-Feb-17 20:46:40

It's completely different to what you asked for! And your hair was much lovelier before. Definitely go back, it doesn't matter how old you are - you're not being unreasonable. And 54 is spring chicken! You shouldn't pay for something which is not what you asked for and isn't as nice as you had already!

AdamNSteve Fri 17-Feb-17 20:49:15

I'd go back
Have you had these types of colour on your hair before? Mine goes like straw after any kind of bleaching

By the way- I think you have a great face- brilliant bone structure . You do NOT look like you're in your 50s.

spellingtestmess Fri 17-Feb-17 20:59:05

Have you washed it since? A colleague went back to the salon (3 days after it was done) that had made her hair bluey/grey all guns blazing only to find it was the toner stuff and as soon as they washed it, it was lovely!

Eliza22 Fri 17-Feb-17 21:11:44

Yeah, have washed it twice and needed a ton of conditioner and serum but could only just get a comb through it. sad

mumtomaxwell Fri 17-Feb-17 21:20:19

They would rather you give them chance to sort it than lose your custom altogether!!

Also wanted to say, I saw your picture and thought 'she's only about my age they've wrecked her lovely hair!' Then read your other posts - you look much younger than early 50s!! (I'm 39)

Anyway - go back!

Eliza22 Fri 17-Feb-17 21:24:35

You're right. Should've left it alone! Will have to go back but am not looking forward to it. Even my usual makeup has looked flat today, like I needed a tin of colour to look alive.

I'm cross. I have very small windows in life for the luxury of sitting at the hairdressers. I've a very disabled and poorly DS at the moment so, probably out not to be fretting about my bonce. But.... I'm hoping to feel better about myself in the process.

Eliza22 Fri 17-Feb-17 21:27:11

Thanks for the compliments on not looking as haggard as I feel!

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