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Vit C serum - skin looking worse?

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Jmangel Thu 16-Feb-17 10:16:21

So I started using an l acerbic acid 10%serum - it stings a little on application and makes my eyes water but was prepared to suffer if I got good results. My main concern is to improve texture - lots of fine lines and acne scar tissue - and to plump up the skin and firm.
So it's been 4 days and my skin does look tighter with less sagging BUT the texture looks much worse - really dehydrated looking and scaly. I've been putting my hylamide sub q serum over it, then an oil free moisturiser, then an oil free SPF but today, my usual foundation looks really cakey.
So my question is, is this dehydration a temporary thing whilst my skin gets used to the vit c, a bit like what happens with retinols, or should I just give up now? The serum itself is in a jojoba oil base which I was a but worried about given my acne history, although I believe jojoba is non comoodogenic, so not sure why my skin is looking like all moisture has been sucked out if it!

Jmangel Thu 16-Feb-17 10:16:54

L ascorbic

Jmangel Thu 16-Feb-17 14:23:22

Hopeful bump?

Dulcimena Thu 16-Feb-17 14:45:53

Which serum? There will be other ingredients in it and it's hard to say without knowing what they are. Jojoba itself, despite being an oil, can be quite drying - I have trouble with it. Could also be a "getting worse before it gets better" situation, it def took longer than 4 days for me to see an improvement from Vit C. Could too be purely coincidental (hormonal or environmental). of course..

Jmangel Thu 16-Feb-17 16:39:09

It's U Skin from amazon it has HA, MSM and jojoba oil. Interesting that you think the jojoba oil could be dehydrating. Think I may have to stop as have just started with a large bump under skin on chin which given my acne history is alarming. Can vita c cause spots? There was mention of spots in The Ordinary's blurb on their vita c serum - is vita c comodogenic? Maybe it's not meant to be.

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