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Please help me find these shoes and boots!

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newcareerpath Thu 16-Feb-17 03:24:06

I keep seeing a specific shoe and boot, but can't work out where on earth they're from!

The boots are flat, and come in a range of colours (the usual brown, black, etc but also colours such as purple and red). I often see women wearing them with more casual dresses.

The shoes are also available in different colours (love the red ones). They're also flat and look super comfy!

Are these descriptions far too vague, or does someone know what one earth I'm on about?!


ChocolateSherberts2017 Thu 16-Feb-17 03:41:57

Describe the shape of the boot and shoe, heel, sole, ankle or knee length. The descriptions are a bit vague.

BikeRunSki Thu 16-Feb-17 03:51:02

The boots sound like Fly London Mes or Mol styles - essentially the same but different heights.

Can't help with the shoes.

newcareerpath Thu 16-Feb-17 07:06:53

Those boots look pretty spot on! Thanks.

The shoes are a similar material, almost a Mary Jane style shoe. Flat. I think come in a few colours.

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