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Sensitive and ache prone skin advise please ?

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Molly333 Wed 15-Feb-17 22:45:21

Hello can anyone offer advice to an 18 yr old with spots which are very angry and sensitive skin . She's very low and v upset but the treatments she been given from the doctors hv just made it worse * roacutane . Have you tried any other Medstead that hv helped you ? Contraceptives ? Also can you recommend any skin care products for sensitive skin as we are giving up the roacutane and just want to start again with basic but good skincare . Please help we are desperate, she's very low 😔

louem Wed 15-Feb-17 23:07:01

I love the Mario Badescu range particularly the drying cream and lotion. Works wonders for me smile it's expensive but a little goes a long way!

AppalachianWalzing Wed 15-Feb-17 23:53:50

Poor her. I'm surprised doctor tried roaccutaine without trying the pill first- also be aware it has been linked with depression in some people so perhaps keep an eye on her feeling low.

I've not had v severe acne, but low level and very hormonal from my late twenties continuing into my thirties so have lurked on lots of webpages trying to figure out how to stop it.

Essentially, I think the main thing is different treatments work for different people. Figuring out what's at the root of it is helpful. Yasmin gave me amazing skin: for me, it's clearly hormonal. Because of that, my diet had a big impact too: particularly sugar, some people find dairy a trigger. I tried la Roche posse effaclar duo without much success, but many people rave about it.

I found some of the advise on this blog useful:

The main thing is it can take 6 weeks to find out if a regime is working, so I'd say if she tries different things and they're not working, it's worth persevering for that timeframe and keeping notes of what product has what effect. I'm sure other people have better advise but I hope she feels better soon.

AllPizzasGreatAndSmall Wed 15-Feb-17 23:58:53

How long has she been on the roaccutane?

Molly333 Thu 16-Feb-17 09:08:43

She's been on the medication for 3 months

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