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What do I need to buy!

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Ohb0llocks Wed 15-Feb-17 19:40:05

Bit of background, I'm 25, around a size 12-14 (hoping to lose some weight over the next few months)

Have shoulder length hair which is usually slapped on my head in a can't be assed fashion. When I do bother with it I like it down and wavy/messy, rocky style.

Clothes usually consist of bleach stained leggings, green parka and a baggy top.

I've got around £200 not much I know but I'd like to treat myself to some new clothes, maybe a leather jacket and some converse.

I've heard good things about the babyliss big hairs too.

ChocolateSherberts2017 Wed 15-Feb-17 21:47:14

Go through your wardrobe and put clothes into piles by category (tops, skirts etc). Then sort what you want to keep, send to charity, ebay or throw out because they're worn out. Then you can make a list of what you need from what's left over. Do you want a completely new look or just to add to what you've already got?

Book a free stylist session at John Lewis to get an idea what styles, colours suit you. There's no obligation to buy, you can just get ideas for what looks good on you and shop for similar styles elsewhere.

Have a look on pintrest and fashion magazines for styles that you like and go shopping. Zara, H&M, Mango, NewLook are all good for basics such as t shirts, jeans etc. What's your life style like as that will influence the types of clothes that you'll buy.

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