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Button-front tops

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ArgyMargy Wed 15-Feb-17 08:05:03

I've just had a mastectomy and I have no button-front tops! I don't wear shirts because I can't stand collars and cuffs. My blouses are over-the-head and generally sleeveless and collarless.

Any suggestions for comfortable but reasonably stylish tops that do up at the front - zip or buttons? Or online shops where I can easily search for this kind of thing? I'm a size 8 and in my 50s.

Thanks in advance!

Clankboing Wed 15-Feb-17 09:27:57

Hi. I have been thinking this lately for various reasons. You can get grandad collar type shirts with 3/4 length arms that might be ok? Also in Regatta there are lots of fleece type tops like this but they're not always ideal. Sometimes ebay are good - I googled it and there are partially zipped tops that I would say are more casual about the house type tops. But comfy stretchy everyday stuff IS tricky to find. I have been wearing my husbands thin zip down front cycling base layer crazily!! I hope you find something xx

Clankboing Wed 15-Feb-17 09:37:08

Sorry - I forgot to say Amazon of course may be good as they stock everything!! I sort of think floaty but non-iron floral blouses might be good, if they exist!

ArgyMargy Wed 15-Feb-17 11:01:37

Yes good point Clank - cycling tops! I think I have one somewhere... I'm glad it's not just me that thinks suitable tops are hard to find.. smile

Clankboing Wed 15-Feb-17 12:23:10

A couple of times I've bought loose floral tops from monsoon too. The only reason I haven't worn them is that they are admittedly a permanent fixture in my ironing to do cupboard. But they are pretty, floral, grandad style and I wouldn't be surprised if they still do that sort of thing. Hope you find things.

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