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Amazon hair/make up/beauty/fashion buys

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whataterriblefuss Tue 14-Feb-17 23:06:38

I have an amazon windfall to spend, and it's burning a hole in my pocket! Want to buy some decent products for:

1) frizzy, bleached hair that could do with some TLC
2) cute flat summer shoes
3) funky, unusual tops
4) anything else that you can recommend!

What are your favourite amazon products?!

LoupGarou Wed 15-Feb-17 01:47:19

- Milani Blushers are amazing, their baked blush in the luminoso shade is a very good dupe for Nars Orgasm.
- Seche Vite nail quick dry gives an amazing finish to nails, I am rubbish at manicures but it always makes mine look pro
- Pure Argan oil for frizzy hair, I apply mine after washing and towel drying my hair, and then use as shine serum after it's dry too.
- Wet n Wild cosmetics are very good, fantastic quality and cheap. Lots of their shades are MAC dupes.

Will have a think and see if I can think of more smile

whataterriblefuss Wed 15-Feb-17 10:31:55

Thanks Loup - does the argan oil not make your hair greasy? I've found that frizzease type stuff just leaves a greasy sheen.....

LoupGarou Thu 16-Feb-17 01:00:21

You're welcome. No it doesn't, I use a broad bean sized blob on my thick nearly shoulder length hair when wet and it dries super soft. I used it on toddler DS's wet hair too so the tangles fall out before brushing.
When I'm using it on dry hair I use a pea sized blob, smear over my palms and then smooth down over my hair. It smells amazing too smile

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