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Anyone else had a bad experience with Pixi Beauty

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GiveMeShade Tue 14-Feb-17 18:30:07

Just over a month ago I ordered some items from Pixi Beauty for the first time. After a couple of weeks I hadn't received the products so I emailed them for an update. Had to send a further couple of emails and then got a short reply to say that my emails had been forwarded on to the UK customer service team, who would be in touch soon.

Heard nothing more after a week so I emailed to request that they cancel the order and refund me. Still nada. Sent several more emails, again no response until I finally said that if I didn't hear from them within three days I'd be contacting my bank to ask them to reverse the transaction. I then got a very short reply to say that they would refund me- no "sorry you haven't received the items" or apology for the lack of response to my emails.

Just wondering what folks' experience of Pixi is (if anyone has actually managed to receive the products from them grin ), have I been unlikely here or is their customer service normally this abysmal?

Would really quite liked to have tried their Pixi Glow Tonic but hell will freeze over before I try to buy anything from there again!

Sciurus83 Tue 14-Feb-17 22:40:04

Oh I'm sorry to hear that, their products are nice and I've never had any problems with ordering myself. You can get them in big m+s beauty halls if you didn't want to deal with ordering, but understand bad service can just put you right off

OneDayIWish Tue 14-Feb-17 23:22:00

I've had the Pixi Glow Tonic a few times and really like it. I buy it from Marks & Spencer. You can get it online if you can't get to one of their bigger stores which is where they'd stock it.

If you're in the M&S Sparks scheme, there's 20% off beauty from this Thursday until Monday.

GiveMeShade Wed 15-Feb-17 06:29:04

Ooh I didn't realise about being able to buy in M&S- thank you both!

FishlessCake Wed 15-Feb-17 06:57:33

I bought it from cult beauty and it arrived within 3 days and they gave a free delivery code when I signed up.

hauntedhenry Wed 15-Feb-17 07:31:12

I bought the glow tonic and an eye palette from Cult Beauty, arrived in no time. I wasnt impressed by either to be honest, I wouldn't buy more pixi products.

FishlessCake Wed 15-Feb-17 08:01:26

I'm persevering with the pixi (alternating between this and nip&fab dragons blood pads). Its only been two weeks but I can't say it's better than the nip&fab which I got for a quarter of the price.

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