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Vaser Liposuction Surgery REGRET London

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GloriaCuddles Mon 13-Feb-17 16:52:14

I regrettably underwent Vaser Lipo suction on my thighs nearly 5 years ago by a female London Doctor.
It was the worst decision of my life. I ended up with 'cobblestone' thighs and needed multiple fat grafts at huge expense and pain to try to look normal again.

I won't ever look as I did before and no amount of diet, exercise or surgery can repair my disfiguring injuries. I do of course live in hope that I can get to a place of acceptance and one where it's less obvious.

What I want to say is that in the U.K. there is a loophole for doctors to do some of the work that only plastic surgeons would normally undertake and this is being sold to us via PR and Glossy brochures . A Recon Plastic surgeon has to do years of exams and training whereas there are some very invasive and potentially destructive treatments that doctors can do and sometimes with terrifying results.

I know of other patients who have also suffered injury and disfiguring outcomes from the same person who I used.

If you have been affected by anything I have written it would be a great support to hear your story.

When a mum, sister, wife, daughter sustains an injury from an elective 'vain' treatment or one which perhaps you were trying to conceal it can destroy relationships and destabilise families.

In my case it was a catastrophic five years. My main reason for posting is because as part of my recovery and coming to terms with the horror of my ordeal I did report the surgery and outcome to the General Medical Council GMC . This has now been escalated to a serious level whereby the doctor will be held accountable for what she did to me which was dangerous and wrong.

There are other women who have spoken to me that they have had terrible experiences too. You do have a voice and it should be stopped. Being sold a cosmetic surgery dream should never end up a nightmare. I welcome anyone to post on this thread it may help others avoid the pitfalls too

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