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Where to shop?

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RastaCat Mon 13-Feb-17 15:02:43

Hi all,

As in the subject, really. I'm relatively new to the UK so don't know shops, and have a pathological fear of unwittingly dressing like an old lady. I've had two babies in the last three years, so nothing really fits anymore and I'm desperate for a new wardrobe. At the same time I'm conscious that I am getting older (35) and my style needs to adapt accordingly. Finally, I am plus sized -18/20-and while I hope to lose some weight once the four month old is a bit more settled, realistically I have been overweight all my life so unlikely to end up slim! Right now I feel fat and frumpy and unattractive blush

TL;DR: Overweight 35-year-old with no idea where to start looking for clothes that are neither too young nor too old (nor too frumpy!).

Please help a desperate expat to feel a bit better about herself!

Deathraystare Wed 15-Feb-17 09:26:45

Well I was hoping you'd get a few answers, but no. I am no expert, believe me buyt I am your size. Not sure where you are but here is a list of places I have been shopping at:

Cos Swedish I believe. I love the shapes. They are that bit different. I spent over £400 in store once!! To be fair I bought quite a bit!

Evans - The shop on Oxford Street is better than most. I normally buy shoes and bras. I occasionally buy tops or jeans but hate that most material is viscose.

East - really lovely clothing (I think so anyway) not sure how big they go up to - possibly 18? Maybe 20?

Monsoon - bought loads from them - lovely dresses, my favourite all time pair of jeans, normally great clothing particularly if you like pattens/jewel colurs. I bought a shed load for my summer holiday last year!

Debenhams -(Department Store) has many different shops within the shop (John Rocha , 9-5 by Sienna Millar (or was that at House of Fraser??)and others. I also like their own make stuff The Collection (workwear) and Mantary which is kind of jeans and casual stuff. Good undies.

House of Fraser - cannot remember what they have there to be honest

The much maligned (on here) Marks and Spencers although they are good for some things. I do shop there. I have bought some nice tops and tshirts, a few dresses and jeggings and wide fitting shoes. I normally buy my underwear there too!

Simply Be -is by mail order but also there are a few shops. I nosey in the one in Oxford Street. Haven't bought anything yet but have my eye on a black demin jacket.

Next - though annoyingly you may have to order bigger sizes online. Some shops end at a size 16. Good for work wear. Some top and trousers are nice but you get the occasional 'What is that?' I bought a few white summery blouses last year and a few suits (I was looking for workwear). They have done some lovely dresses in the past.

Laura Ashley -have some fab coats. I have bought some lovely tops too. Good for knits

Phase 8 - but I think only up to 18 (need to clarify this). Available in some department stores as is East and Monsoon as well as their own shops.

Jacques Vert - used to be put off because it seemed very 'mother of the bride' but they have had some good stuff in - I think Debenhams stocks it. One of the department stores anyway.

I think Coast goes up to 18 or 20 but I only look I haven't bought anything from there. There is Oasis too but I am not sure if they go up to 18 or 20. I remember looking at the clothes but cannot remember sizing.

I hope that gives you some idea!

Deathraystare Wed 15-Feb-17 09:44:57

Also Primark. I know it is cheap as chips getting more expensive!) but they do loads of tops, short sleeve, long sleeves, vests from about £3 odd. I have a number of stripey tops but they do plain as well. You may have to hunt for the 18s and 20s. Again some branches don't have many bigger sizes. They tend to go fast. Leaving shed loads of size 6 behind!

Deathraystare Wed 15-Feb-17 09:46:23

Forgot to say I am in my 50's and trying now to dress sort of appropriately!

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