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Navy black combination for funeral?

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Bostin Mon 13-Feb-17 06:43:33

I have a funeral to go to and have a very dark navy dress to wear which I was planning to wear with black tights and shoes (don't really have another suitable option).
Would it be better to wear a navy or a black jacket with this combination? Any advice much appreciated.

MartinRohdesBellybuttonFluff Mon 13-Feb-17 07:41:34

I would go with the black jacket. Sorry for your loss.

Abraiid2 Mon 13-Feb-17 07:44:02

Even at my FIL's funeral, packed with elderly and conservative mourners, lots of people mixed black with other colours.

Either jacket will be fine. You're in dark colours, which is enough.

HerOtherHalf Mon 13-Feb-17 07:49:52

It doesn't matter. If anyone is so petty as to be judging people on their attire, their opinion doesn't matter. It's about making the effort to attend, to remember the deceased and support their loved ones. Any funeral I've been to, there are always people, often pensioners, in just their regular clothes. I've never felt that they were somehow disrespectful or lowered the tone.

Bostin Mon 13-Feb-17 08:29:50

Thank you. It's me that cares to be honest. Whenever I am feeling a bit vulnerable I like to look put together. I don't know why.

MinesaPinot Mon 13-Feb-17 09:10:11

Either jacket would be fine. I understand totally your feelings when you feel vulnerable - I am the same. It's like your armour against the world and whatever else is happening.

I'm sorry for your loss OP, and hope that the funeral goes off as well as it can.

NancyJoan Mon 13-Feb-17 09:16:15

Both colours will look fine, go with the style that works best over the dress.

MixedGrill Mon 13-Feb-17 09:18:50

Go with the one that creates the best looking outfit.

Bostin Mon 13-Feb-17 10:58:31

Thanks again. That's exactly it. Armour

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