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Turning 40 and 4m post partum, please help me feel nice!

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mrandmrsplus1 Sat 11-Feb-17 18:42:03

I'm going to be 40 in a few weeks. I had my second (& last) baby at the end of October and I feel a bit.....bleugh. Also SAHM to 4yo.
Flabby mum tum is probably the thing that's bothering me most and I'm a stone heavier than I'd like (10 stone & 5ft 2).
Had a wee Boots make up lesson so I now know how to wear eye shadow for the first time, hair recently cut and coloured to hide the grey, skincare seems to be working ok, pedicure done,manicure pending as well as getting eye brows sorted. Had colours/style done a few years ago: natural ingenue style (can't spell it!) & deep summer colouring (pale skin & brunette with greenish blueish greyish eyes)
Does anyone have any suggestions on what clothes to wear to hide the gut? The more specific the better. And other feel good ideas?
Thanks folks smile
(First MN post, sorry if I've made mistakes with the post)

bleughhh Sat 11-Feb-17 18:53:10

Hello! Congratulations! On the baby and nearly having a big birthday.... I was in nearly the exact same position two years ago (baby no 3 was 2.5 months old at my 40th). I actually went for a black jumpsuit in the end, from Coast (which i generally don't really like much). Try one on - I'm a bit taller than you but a couple of shorter friends wear them and they look fab. Very slimming and leg-lengthening, even with a modest heal. And you can get ones that sort of belt if cinch in at the waist and sort of blouse over a bit, so they can hid mum tums. If you're a summer, try navy maybe? With some nice silver jewellery with a bit of sparkle? And silver heels? I've seen some nice ones in Reiss but not sure if they do navy. Or you could try Sézane? Online French shop - haven't ordered anything yet but I will do as it looks fab. The main thing to say though is relax and enjoy! Don't worry if you're not 'back to normal' figure-wise as that would be very abnormal and nobody will notice anyway - especially if you have lovely glowy make-up and good hair. (Def get a blow dry on the day of celebrations if you can afford a treat.). I'm a natural ingenue too. Sezane should work well for 'us'... (apart from all the black... but they do have navy too).

bleughhh Sat 11-Feb-17 18:53:59

Sorry - posted too soon! All that was just party-wear advice... I'll have another think!!

mrandmrsplus1 Sat 11-Feb-17 19:56:20

Thanks bleughhh!
Love that your name is pretty much how I feel, and nice to hear from someone who's been in the same boat.
Funny you mentioned a jumpsuit,I actually bought my first ever jumpsuit a couple of months ago after seeing it on A Life To Style (used to be School Gate Style). Wore it to a Christmas party and felt really nice in it, the crepe material and navyness hid a multitude of sins. If I can fit in it (putting weight on after loosing loads initially grrrr) I'll wear that. Will def investigate the shops you mentioned, I'd not think of shopping there.
If you think of anything else I'd love to hear your suggestions!
Thanks again smile

bleughhh Sat 11-Feb-17 23:00:52

Hi again mrandmrsplusone - just a thought, but how are you legs?! I'm pretty much in skinny jeans and a bum covering jumper/cardie the whole time I'm not at work. A looser top and skinny jeans work well with a postnatal tum. If you can get ones that help suck in the tummy, that helps a lot when dealing with little ones and crawling around a lot - I have quite a bad case of builder's bum. I am on the look out for good mid/high rise skinnies but am going to try Gap curvy skinny jeans with some stretch - they always have an offer on. Also, I really want to try Leigh jeans from Topshop but they are always sold out in the size/colour I want (indigo). And you actually want to look nice every day rather than just at the occasional (very occasional in my case) party.... if you know your colours, try a few v neck 'boyfriend' style jumpers over a lacy vest top (just from H&M or somewhere like that) with skinnies and nice (if somewhat predictable) trainers - Stan Smiths - or biker boots? Charcoal grey maybe given your colouring? There are some bargains in the sale at the moment.

I'm rebelling and going back to black though having tried for years to get into the whole 'spring' thing. I am 'allowed' to wear black in one system (am 'clear and warm' or a 'bright spring) as long as I have some contrast. Apparently. Love the colour thing in some ways but am a bit over fighting my inate yearning for more 'edgy' looks than CBeebies looks.

Love that jumpsuit! I want it...

mrandmrsplus1 Sun 12-Feb-17 13:31:46

Great tips! I'd started moving in the skinny jean direction pre pregnancy but hadn't quite got the tops sorted. Have a pair of those Leigh jeans from after last daughter, they are really comfy and soft and stretchy and want another pair but same as you, can't get them in my size either! Will have a look at those gap ones. Really like the boyfriend style jumper and lacy vest idea, where might be a good place for the jumper?

Need to get investigating footwear now, hadn't thought of that aspect!

The jumpsuit is from warehouse, in the sale for £20!! but v limited sizes, here's the link

Thanks so much for your advice, if you think of or see anything else, please let me know. Off to do some research now....

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