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Damn you S&B

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woolypigs Sat 11-Feb-17 12:34:37

So I am pottering away on my phone looking for paving slabs for the pigs. grin and on all the advertising blurby bits keep coming up those.godawful M&S wide legged print trousers you made me look on from the other thread. I hope no one is looking over my shoulder at my phone thinking that they are my trousers of choiceshock

RacoonBandit Sat 11-Feb-17 12:38:25

Its upset you so much you have posted 3 threads grin

ChopOrNot Sat 11-Feb-17 13:29:26

I needed paving slabs for the chickens. Posted in my local "We Love Hometown" FB page (cringy I know) but was offered some for free from a chap renovating his house round the corner. Saved me £££ and him the skip-fees. They are not to my taste but I don't think the chickens care.

<off topic but trying to help>

woolypigs Sat 11-Feb-17 14:13:34

I blame the app for the amount of posts grin

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