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Is it ok to wax your face when you have spots?

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MuckyAnthea Wed 28-Feb-07 04:31:35

Hope this is in the right section - was unsure. Anyway, I am getting a few dark hairs around my chin/upper lip and sideburn area. Am thinking of getting it waxed off, but am unsure if I will get a bad reaction due to a breakout of spots I have around my jaw line/neck area. Any ideas?

MuckyAnthea Wed 28-Feb-07 04:32:33

Sorry, the spots are also in the area I would need to have waxed. Just clarifying...

hoolagirl Wed 28-Feb-07 09:27:26

I don't think you can get it waxed.
From my old waxing days I think it was a no no, in case it rips your spots off as well and leaves you with big holes in your face. Slight exaggeration, but I think thats the reason.

Could you bleach instead?

MuckyAnthea Thu 01-Mar-07 04:54:57

Thanks hoolagirl, this is just what I thought. The hairs are not too bad, you can just see them more in a certain light. Have never tryed bleaching, don't really trust myself to be honest!! thanks again

earlgrey Thu 01-Mar-07 06:03:12

I have an epilator and it has a facial hair attatchment. I've never used it, but the bit that you use on your legs works really well - the thing even has a headlight so you can see what you're doing! Might it be worth investing in one of those? Then it would only pluck out the hair without damaging anything else, iyswim.

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