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What are your "wardrobe essentials"?

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MakemineaGandT Wed 28-Feb-07 00:07:30

If you were going to buy a new wardrobe from scratch, what would be top of your list? I'm planning a little spree soon (not whole new wardrobe BTW!) and want some inspiration....

hunkerdave Wed 28-Feb-07 00:12:46



themoon66 Wed 28-Feb-07 00:13:29

Boring, but I don't know where I'd be without black trousers.

brimfull Wed 28-Feb-07 00:57:56

casual trousers..jeans
casual skirt
smart dress or skirt or trousers whichever you prefer
wrap dress
boots to go with stuff
v-neck jumper and /or cardigan
black t-shirt
white t-shirt
tunic top
linen shirt

blimey,would cost me a fortune!

hoolagirl Wed 28-Feb-07 08:44:51

Mainly casualwear as work from home and rarely have night out....

Jeans jeans jeans
Combat trousers
I groovey belt to go with above
Lots of stretchy cheap t shirts various colours
Trendy cardigan to chuck on when cold

Pair of black trousers
Couple of dressy tops.

1 cosy jacket
1 fitted stretch denim jacket.

Timberland boots
Strappy sandals.

I could happily chuck out everything else and live with the above.

moondog Wed 28-Feb-07 08:46:52

fingerless gloves

hoolagirl Wed 28-Feb-07 08:47:35

Remember and get some new accessories as well to jazz up existing outfits.
Look out favourite pieces that you have already before you go in case you something that would go well with it when your shopping.

Have fun !

MrsBadger Wed 28-Feb-07 08:56:54

A complete wardrobe would contain:

Trousers: Jeans, cords, combats, linen
Skirts: short cord/wool, short cotton, long cotton/linen
Cotton jersey tops: short, long and 3/4 sleeve
Blouses: shortsleeved cotton for summer, one formal for work
Dresses: cotton shirtdresses and sundresses
Jumpers: Roll necks, urban cardigan, light cardigan
Suits: one dark/winter, one light/summer
Going out: Sparkly/dressy/elegant tops in long and short sleeve and strappy, smart trousers, long evening dress, short evening dress
Outerwear: wool coat, waterproof, jacket
Shoes: Boots, trainers, casual sandals, going-out sandals, dressy closed-toe shoes
Slobbing: yoga pants, vests, hoodies

although in reality I could live with much much less.

And none of it would be black - it doesn't suit me and it's boring.

brimfull Wed 28-Feb-07 11:41:39

mrs b what's an urban cardigan?

MrsBadger Wed 28-Feb-07 11:54:42

oh, chunky sort with a zip and funnel neck that actually keeps you warm eg here - was trying to emphasise not the prim / embroidered / frilly / fine knit / wraparound sort eg here .

MrsBadger Wed 28-Feb-07 11:55:24

oh actually this is closer to the urban one I had in mind.

brimfull Wed 28-Feb-07 11:57:24

oh right,thanks.
love the kew one ,I definately don't suit urban cardi's .

brimfull Wed 28-Feb-07 11:58:04

now that one is georgous wish I was loaded.

MrsBadger Wed 28-Feb-07 12:02:07

has a lot to do with nork size ggirl - I am not over-endowed so like chunky jumpers and rollnecks as they make my torso look less freakishly small compared to my bottom half...

brimfull Wed 28-Feb-07 12:03:45

yes my problem is big norks,need to keep top half slimline to avoid the rigby player look

Cappuccino Wed 28-Feb-07 12:05:48

lots of tops

black trousers

two skirts that you hate

ridiculous black spangly cocktail dress kept in wardrobe to berate you about your lack of social life

that's my wardrobe done then

MrsBadger Wed 28-Feb-07 12:09:20

Capp you forgot the mystery Old Shoes that you can't remember buying or wearing but are still somehow in there.

FluffyMummy123 Wed 28-Feb-07 12:09:46

Message withdrawn

aol Wed 28-Feb-07 12:10:50

Seriously good, matching underwear.

Doesn't have to be expensive. Nothing frayed, greying, grim.

Enid Wed 28-Feb-07 12:11:16

like it cod

very soundbitey

Enid Wed 28-Feb-07 12:11:56

slightly outlandish stuff that probably makes me look a bit mutton

BigHotMama Wed 28-Feb-07 12:19:48

Trinny & Suzannah magic pants

Comfy wedge shoes

Wrap dress

Black trousers, Black dress, black strappy top, Black push up bra, Black strappy shoes

Comfy combats & hoody


Array of different colour style neck scarfs to jazz an outfit up.

MakemineaGandT Wed 28-Feb-07 19:31:21

Thanks all. Interesting that everyone has different ideas. I'm going to force myself to try on some diffrent things I wouldn't normally go for...but NOT those trousers in TS that nailpolish found - I do have some limits!

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