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Fossil warrantee if purchased from TK Maxx?

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Livinghappy123 Fri 10-Feb-17 09:36:01

I've just seen another bag I like but I'm not sure if the Fossil one year guarantee applies to bags purchased frok TK Maxx. The Fossil website only mentions proof of purchase as a prerequisite for the one year guarantee service. Nothing else. I'd email them but they take forever replying back. Any ideas?

PNGirl Fri 10-Feb-17 11:54:57

They say they only replace, not repair, leather products and they wouldn't have your money, TK Maxx would. So I would imagine you'd have to take issues up with TK themselves.

Livinghappy123 Fri 10-Feb-17 19:05:30

Sorry for not replying, been around work all day. Fossil replied back saying the same warranty applies to bags bought from TK. Here's their reply :

Thank you for your email.

If you have purchased a Fossil bag from T K Maxx, providing you have kept the dated receipt we can honour the commercial gesture warranty 1 year from the original purchase date.

Livinghappy123 Fri 10-Feb-17 19:07:32

Geez I spelt warranty wrong in the title!

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