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Wardrobe make over

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munchkinmaster Thu 09-Feb-17 20:46:15

So the kind people at hmrc gave me some cash. I have not bought a single decent item of clothing in 5 years due to an endless cycle of pregnant/fat/pregnant so it's start from scratch.

I'm losing weight so don't want to go too mental but also can't continue to wear rags in the hope of losing a stone.

I'm a 12/14 at the mo.

So far I've bought:

Grey cardi with smart black skinny trousers for work. Or skinny black jeans.

Blue with denims

Boots for skinnies or skirts.

I own one nice pair of black boots and one nice pair of brown/tan and have nice big bag in each colour.

After that it's the rags (and I mean it clothes which I consider new and then I realise they are 4 years old as the rest are 10 years old or cheapo stuff bought till I lose weight)

So: what tops do folk think for under the cardis? Where can I get nice jeans? A smart casual dress to wear with the boots?

Ps: I got the boots for £70 - not £150 for fecking ankle boots

Chipsandonionrings Thu 09-Feb-17 21:18:49

Hi I am doing exactly the same thing I got a job and amazing hubby agreed I could have the first 3 months salary for clothes. I have had 6 yrs of wearing reduced rail Tesco striped tops and skinny jeans or charity shop finds. I finally decided that I couldn't lose weight and feel better about myself whilst I looked like I dressed from the rag bag of a charity shop.

I LOVE the boots and the navy cardi. Not so keen on the grey card I but I am really not the one to ask. No idea where to get bits from I am afraid. John Lewis personal shopping always get promoted in these types of threads.

I am still loosing weight so I have spent 1/3rd on 5 tops, bought 2 new jackets ( one outdoorsy) , scarf, a pair of heels and a navy pair of trousers. Still need pants and a couple of bras that fit!

I am looking for some flat shoes to wear with jeans and trousers. I am trying to not live in jeans and should I lose 2 dress sizes I am hoping to start wearing dresses and skirts. I am also thinking of buying some addidas trainers ( not usually a trainer person but love the look on others)

Tomorrow I am chucking out loads of my old clothes that I have been saving to slim into as they are now at least 6 yrs old and I had a totally different life then I.e no kids. Also I would imagine they look very dated now.

Good luck, I am enjoying the process I used to love clothes.

Chipsandonionrings Thu 09-Feb-17 21:30:47

Hoping you get some good responses ( that I can explore!) I am also using some of my cash to sort the rest of me out. I look like a woman who has given up so eyebrow shape and eyelash tint tomorrow, hair restyled and coloured Saturday. V v excited.

Judydreamsofhorses Thu 09-Feb-17 21:39:55

I would do a massive ASOS order, try it all on at home, then send back what you don't want - free delivery and returns, and they carry lots of different brands. (Plus the website is really easy to filter, you can type in, say, Adidas Gazelles, then filter so they only show what's in stock in, say, size 4.) What sort of jeans do you fancy? My personal favourites are All Saints Stilt, which are high waisted skinnies, and Topshop Mom, which are a high waisted peg leg, slightly cropped. You don't mention what shape you are so those may not be much use - I'm a 10/12 with a small waist/boobs but quite hippy.

munchkinmaster Thu 09-Feb-17 22:12:37

Hmm I used to be a pear shape but now I am a pear shape with a mummy tummy. I don't know what the word is for that?

I also don't know what a peg leg is?

I agree it's liberating. I wouldn't have bought those boots before as what would be the point if you've nothing to go with them. I'd go into shops and feel totally overwhelmed and panicked. I'd maybe then buy some absolute basics then leg it.

Since Christmas I've been internet shopping the sales and sending 80% back. I've only spent about £200 but I actually feel I have something to wear.

munchkinmaster Thu 09-Feb-17 22:19:07

THe all saints jeans look lovely but really super skinny?

I think you need to be even skinnier to pull off the mom jeans without looking like Oprah circa 1985.

Maybe I'm too old for this fashion lark

Judydreamsofhorses Thu 09-Feb-17 22:24:17

Sorry, I think we are maybe different shapes - I don't have a tummy but do have a big arse, so that style is really good on me. I think it is worth trying a load of stuff on though, you might be pleasantly surprised!

foodiefil Thu 09-Feb-17 22:28:06

Love the grey cardi! googles

H&M have some great things in - I'm loving plain knitwear with jeans and boots, tights and skirts etc

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