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help need a photographer recommendation for gretna green wedding....

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mum2sam Tue 27-Feb-07 20:28:07

getting married in 3 wks yeek...still not got a dress, photographer or arranged hair and makeup need alot of help

crispyduck Tue 27-Feb-07 20:37:29

We got married in gretna...our photographer was brill...fiona & June are fab for hair and makeup.
Phone the gretna hall, we got married in the workshop and ask them for recommendations...they have all contact numbers and dont forget to get the bagpiper...he's lovely, not very good with names though

mum2sam Tue 27-Feb-07 21:21:35

yeah ive heard they are really good-i hope they arent fully booked. Im looking at colin wyper for photography.We are getting married at the mill forge-they are sending us a pack just it aint too late too book anything

PeckaRolloverAgain Tue 27-Feb-07 21:22:49

Awwwwwwwwww NOSTALGIA

I got married at Mill Forge, hair by Fiona and June and Colin Wyper photographer!

mum2sam Wed 28-Feb-07 11:01:35

ive just booked fiona and june feeling a little relieved just need to sort the bloody dress arrraaggh and photogrpher. Is colin wyper any good-his prices seem quite reasonable and i like the fact he gives you the negs on cd.

PeckaRolloverAgain Wed 28-Feb-07 11:51:28

colin was great, got photos back about 2 hours after wedding

however his style is fairly cheesy but I embraced that because of gretna wedding and arranged my own photographer too ( a friend ) to take some lovely, natural black and white shots

crispyduck Wed 28-Feb-07 19:55:50

mum2sam- let us know how you are getting on..we got married in the blacksmiths workshop....I beleive Millforge is lovely
goodluck with everything

mustrunmore Wed 28-Feb-07 20:01:35

I know a fantastic photographer, but I dont think Hub2Dee would travel all the way from London

robbosmum Wed 28-Feb-07 20:14:20

we also got married at gretna, we used alistair lynn &co, 35 High St, Annan.although it was 14 yrs ago.He was just from all of the bumph that the reg. office sent. The pics were v. nice, he was lovely, there was only me and dh there

Enjoy your day

mum2sam Wed 28-Feb-07 22:01:37

yeah it will only be the two of us plus ds. How much did you spend on your dress? Ive been offered a deal for a venus dress, veil and tiara for £550 do you think thats too much considering it will only be dp and i there. What was your wedding like at the bla

Merchford Sun 30-Apr-17 19:10:50

Who was your photographer crispyduck ?

Theycalledmethewildrose Sun 30-Apr-17 21:14:37

Fiona and June have a pretty heavy hand with make up. They say it is for the photographs but be careful if you are using fake tan on your body as the overall effect can look quite odd. You might consider bringing your own make up.

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