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Curly 'hair up' days

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Rollonbedtime7pm Thu 09-Feb-17 14:30:17

I have fine curly hair which I wash every other day - it gets flat when I sleep on it so generally wear it up on day 2.

I'm looking for new ways to wear it up, specifically, what to do with the front! I usually leave some curls down at the front but i'm starting to hate the look - i'm worried it looks a bit teenage!

I'm a young looking 34 (baby faces as opposed to no wrinkles!) and I think the hair adds to it. I'd just like to look at bit more sophisticated!

I feel like I have a big forehead so try not to have it all pinned back but is that just me being overly conscious? Would anyone really look at me and think 'slaphead'?! grin

SesameSparkle Thu 09-Feb-17 21:01:50

Maybe try a French plait? I find it looks a bit softer edged around the face than having it all scraped back into a pony, as it tends to loosen a little over the day.

INeedNewShoes Thu 09-Feb-17 21:06:51

I use one of those small grab claw clips with a spring (can't remember what they're called).

I discovered the look by accident one day when I grabbed the front bits of my hair away from my face (towards back of my head) and stuck one of these clips in to keep it out of the way while I washed my face.

People always comment on how nice I look when I do this which is ironic because it's always day 2 when I wash my face without wetting my hair that I do this!

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