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What would you wear with this?

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Baconbinge Thu 09-Feb-17 10:52:30

I have a 30th birthday drinks to go to next month, it's being held in a bar/pub (private room). Me and my friends don't get out as much as we used to blush but i am still young and would like to look trendy. I really like this skirt on Zara:

What would you wear with it? I want to dress it up a bit. I will have to wear tights with it (far too cold and pale for bare legs). Are chokers still a thing or have i missed that boat? HELP please grin.

BusterGonad Thu 09-Feb-17 11:02:48

Can you post a picture as I can't access that site from where I am!

Baconbinge Thu 09-Feb-17 11:15:11

Here are the pics!

MusicToMyEars800 Thu 09-Feb-17 11:16:54

these are a few things I would put with it, if you go for a pain top, you could make it pop with bold accessories. it depends on the type of look you are going for, I like the skirt though its retro looking but modern at the same time.

MusicToMyEars800 Thu 09-Feb-17 11:19:08
a choker top. ( I might have to get this top for myself lol )

BusterGonad Thu 09-Feb-17 11:21:10

Oh I love it. I'd wear it with knee high or over the knee boots with a short sleeved fine knit roll neck. A lovely 60s vibe.

MusicToMyEars800 Thu 09-Feb-17 11:28:16

BusterGonad that's exactly the image I had in my mind when I saw the skirt

Baconbinge Thu 09-Feb-17 11:29:03

Thank you for all your suggestions, i like the idea of a choker top. Also really like your idea Buster, i don't have over the knee boots though (and don't particularly want to buy them if i won't get much wear out of them). I do have boots very similar these which i was going to wear with opaque tights. Do you think that would work?

Baconbinge Thu 09-Feb-17 11:30:51

Also i'm not an overly girly dresser, so would probably wear my black leather jacket with it, or would that throw the skirt off?

MusicToMyEars800 Thu 09-Feb-17 11:34:30

this would look really nice with it

MusicToMyEars800 Thu 09-Feb-17 11:36:06

the last top I just suggested with those boots and the leather jacket I think would go well, do you have a pic of the jacket?

MusicToMyEars800 Thu 09-Feb-17 11:38:56

something like this look?

sorry I do enjoy doing these sorts of things grin

Baconbinge Thu 09-Feb-17 11:40:14

Ooo i really like that new look top. The jacket is an All Saints Conroy. Do you think the jacket is too casual for the skirt? Like i said i'm not an overly girly dresser, when i wear dresses or skirts i usually wear my leather jacket to 'rock' it up a bit. Thank you all so much for your suggestions.

MusicToMyEars800 Thu 09-Feb-17 11:41:32

this is the image

seefeld Thu 09-Feb-17 11:41:42

I've tried this skirt on - it's gorgeous and am seriously tempted - and it's definitely better with a pale top rather than black. Hard to match the black suede with the right shade and texture of black top.

MusicToMyEars800 Thu 09-Feb-17 11:42:47

I think the jacket would work I would wear it myself with the skirt and boots and a choker would go well with it too gives the whole outfit a good edge.

MusicToMyEars800 Thu 09-Feb-17 11:44:00

the white new look top would be perfect with the skirt jacket and boots, that is how I would wear it

Baconbinge Thu 09-Feb-17 11:48:58

I did think the same see, that a black top may be too hard to match. My boots are suede too so i should be fine with them.

I agree Music, i think the white top is definitely my favourite. It's sort of the look i would usually go for too!

Thanks again!

MusicToMyEars800 Thu 09-Feb-17 12:03:50

no problem smile happy to help, also tat image was what I meant for the skirt with boots and type of jacket, not the top I wouldn't wear a blak top with it either

BusterGonad Thu 09-Feb-17 12:55:52

Those boots would look good too, I wouldn't wear a biker as I love faux fur too much but I think it would look good. I kind of want that skirt now! 😂

RemusLupinsChristmasMovie Thu 09-Feb-17 18:30:42

Lovely skirt. I''d wear it with black opaques, black or white top, biker jacket and heeled ankle boots.

neveradullmoment99 Thu 09-Feb-17 19:04:04

I would definetly not wear that Dotty p top with that skirt! Its far too 'fussy' You need something plain with the skirt. The skirt is the focal point. Tthe white petite lace panel frill top imo is all wrong for that skirt. Its a nice top. Just not together. The bardot top would look nice or just a plain top with little fuss or embellishment.

neveradullmoment99 Thu 09-Feb-17 19:05:13

..sorry that I meant the white new look top is all wrong.

neveradullmoment99 Thu 09-Feb-17 19:06:01

The bardot top, black suede skirt, black ankle boots and biker jacket - lovely.

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