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Should I get these shoes or something else?

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theclockticksslowly Wed 08-Feb-17 14:22:15

Shoes in question:

I'm trying to revamp my wardrobe a little bit and move away from the narrow boot cut jeans and trainers/boots look I've been going for (for the last 20 years... blush - although aren't boot cuts coming back into fashion now?!)

I've got a lovely pair of grey straight jeans with a bit of stretch in. They're as 'skinny' as I'm comfortable wearing. But am struggling on footwear.

I'm looking for something for when it gets a little warmer and need something comfortable to walk in. I like the idea of ballet pumps but need a decent strap on them. I saw these clarks shoes - can't decide if they're too clunky, ok or what.

Also boots - in tempted by some tan colour ankle boots but I'm quite short so wouldn't really want to tuck my jeans in to them. Would it look awful with straight jeans over ankle boots?

If you haven't guessed, I'm pretty clueless!

ZaZathecat Wed 08-Feb-17 14:47:22

I think straight look good over ankle boots (I do it all the time anyway). Not keen on the shoes. Brogues seem to be universally loved on MN, especially Clarks Hamble Oaks. Sadly they don't look good on my massive feet!

LadyOfTheCanyon Wed 08-Feb-17 15:11:49

Yep brogues or ballet flats with a small heel ( not completely flat) or yes, ankle boots with jeans over.
I don't think those shoes will help update your look, although they do look comfy.
What about more pointed slipper shape ballet flats with the longer front- might help make your feet feel more secure?

EggsEleven Wed 08-Feb-17 15:45:30

Sorry but I think those Clarks shoes, whilst very comfy looking, are terrible blush

Straight jeans are fine though over boots rather than tucked in

theclockticksslowly Wed 08-Feb-17 16:09:40

Thanks for the feedback and advice! Yes I think I needed telling those Clarks ones weren't good before the comfy-wanting part of me won out!

Right I shall look for some boot options and try some ballet flats.

Brogues are definitely not me! smile

BusterGonad Wed 08-Feb-17 17:09:28

It's a no from me I'm afraid.

RemusLupinsChristmasMovie Wed 08-Feb-17 18:25:12

Horrible, sorry. Definitely go for ankle boots!

sunshinehitme Wed 08-Feb-17 18:42:42

I wear those for work, the most comfortable shoes evet but they are very ugly!

Mollylove Wed 08-Feb-17 19:01:59

God no, awful and terribly old fashioned. My 93 year old grandma wears these!

theclockticksslowly Wed 08-Feb-17 19:43:40

Right, so that is most definitely a no on the clarks shoes!! grin

MrsPMT Wed 08-Feb-17 19:44:32

I have similar to these as I have trouble with ballet flats too, they are nice with slim or skinny jeans.

ArriettyClock1 Wed 08-Feb-17 19:48:38

Those shoes are just terrible!

I can imagine a very, very old person with edema wearing them.

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