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Where to start to make myself look better? Hair first, I think.

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oldhag1970 Tue 07-Feb-17 13:16:02

Ok - name says it all really! I'm starting to really look and feel my age and I have to sort myself out. Varicose veins, jowls, yellowing teeth with receding gums, no waist to speak of, unflattering and greying hair. Grim. I am exercising and seeing a dentist, so I'm not as depressed as that list makes me seem, but I really need your wise advice. I'd like to sort out my hair, and am willing to fork out a bit more than normal to get it cut and coloured somewhere good. Does anyone know of any London salons that don't just deal with 20 year old but can actually give flattering styles for the non-models amongst us? And any other top tips would be appreciated too. Thanks!

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