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Good tinted moisturiser that adds colour to grey, tired skin?

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milkyman Tue 07-Feb-17 10:34:32

All the ones I've tried match my colour and do not give me any radience or colour. I am 41 and have combination skin and a new baby. I have low iron levels, dark circles and very pale (but not in a good way!) skin.

DustOffYourHighestHopes Tue 07-Feb-17 10:41:02


I generally need cream blusher (or try bronzer?) over tinted moisturiser.

Cakescakescakes Tue 07-Feb-17 13:19:23

Your foundation should match your skin tone then use blush or bronzer to add warmth or colour. You could try an illuminating primer underneath for more radiance but use very sparingly otherwise it can go a bit Ziggy Stardust.

WellTidy Tue 07-Feb-17 17:30:50

Im not sure a tinted moisturiser is going to do all that you want it to do. What about a bb cream or foundation? There are lots of lightweight ones.

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