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Somebody please help me with my face!

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NickMyLipple Mon 06-Feb-17 20:43:04

Evening all!

I've realised over the past couple of months that my skin on my face is looking old and dry.

This is going to sound horrendous but I have no skin care regime at all. Aside from a shower, there is no daily facial washing, no removing make-up, none of this cleansing/toning/moisturising business...!!

I use cheap (ish) makeup. Currently use a primer, a tinted bb cream and some light bronzer. Then slap on some mascara. Takes about 5 minutes in total and if I'm honest, I'm happy with the time it takes!

My forehead especially seems dry and by the end of the day seems to be peeling a bit. I've tried moisturising but it made me sweat so I ditched that!

I guess I'm looking for a magical all in one product that gives my face a slight glow/colour (not a heavy foundation) but also a bit of moisture. I'm fair to medium in skin tone and I get the occasional chin spots, but generally my skin is dry to normal.

I saw that testers are required for the bare minerals gel - would that solve my problem do you think? Or do I just need to embrace a full on skin care routine blush

BusterGonad Tue 07-Feb-17 10:09:24

I don't think more make up will make any difference at all. You need a skin care regime, I think your skin is crying out for a bit of tlc!

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