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Makeup storage and organisation

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MrsAHotch Mon 06-Feb-17 16:23:50

Hello, fellow fans and junkies.

I once had a beautiful dressing table set up, covered with perfectly organised and YouTube worthy storage. Since DCs and lack of space, everything had been popped into clear makeup bags which live under the bed apart from one small basket for day to day stuff to wear when I can be bothered.

How do you store yours? Pictures too to make me jealous? grin. ALSO, what's your most favourite/precious item you own?

AutumnalLeafs Mon 06-Feb-17 16:36:29

Various things from here:

The regularly used stuff just stays on the dressing table lose. The intermediate stuff out in clear containers from holding co. The less used stuff in makeup bags in drawers!

My favourite item... not sure. I don't have anything particularly precious as I am fairly disloyal to make up brands and will use something to death until I throw it out.

I am particularly bad for insisting on keep multi-eyeshadows until the last one (usually the darkest) has run out completely. It's a really bad habbit I wish I could break. I'd love to just throw them out when the main lighter colours are gone.

seefeld Mon 06-Feb-17 19:52:29

Watching with interest! The majority of mine is all muddled up in a basket with the bits I use each day in a makeup bag in the bathroom. I can never find anything and forget I have certain products as they're not to hand. I also need to store my brushes better so I can find them when I need them too.

TresDesolee Mon 06-Feb-17 19:59:14

I've got one of these from IKEA - it's a bit fugly (think you can get slightly nicer versions at Muji) but I'm quite seriously in love with the adjustable drawer dividers

MrsAHotch Mon 06-Feb-17 20:32:38

I'm all for pretty storage but if it doesn't do the job and actually make life easier, then it just isn't worth it. I had some lovely patterned perspex storage (like the Muji drawers) from Paperchase many years ago but because I couldn't see through it properly, I was forever pulling every drawer out to find what I wanted. I ended up taking the drawers out to use as dividers in the DCs wardrobe for odds and sods, and turned the main parts on their sides and used to organise vouchers and other bits and pieces.

ShimmeringIce Mon 06-Feb-17 20:41:32

Following for ideas, I'm reorganising all my girly bits and bobs into a bureau, but I still want it to look nice.

I like the clear Perspex pots and TKMaxx usually have lots, but I always find they're not quite the right shape/size/configuration. I built my own for everyday items from cheapo Lego, so it's adaptable, but takes longer than I thought!

BusterGonad Wed 08-Feb-17 07:16:02

Mine is kept in a big Lancôme make up holder which is a lovely red patent bag with a handle ❤. In the first row I have face products such as blusher, powder, etc. in the Middle is my eye shadows, the last row is lip sticks and glosses. I have a old jam jar for eyeliners and lip liners and a beautiful Ted Baker makeup bag which my mil bought me for my day wear, like foundation, concealer etc...I have a black L'Oréal zip up bag like a pencil case for my brushes and my new stuff like mascaras which I keep in the drawer by my bed for when my current one runs out. I tend to buy mascaras when they are on offer or free on a magazine, often Benefit ones are free with Elle or some other mag so I snap it up. I prefer mini mascaras as they don't get a chance to go off.

BusterGonad Wed 08-Feb-17 07:17:42 can see my face on one of the eyeshadow cases!!! Crikey I've got my specs on and look hideous! 😂🤣🤢

MrsAHotch Wed 08-Feb-17 07:36:50

You look fine from what little I can see when I attempt a serious zoom in!

You've made me realise another thing - I only keep my absolute favourite makeup that I rarely use/very limited edition packaging in the box. Most of mine is out but I have a blusher from the MAC x Proenza Schouler collection that still lives in the outer box.

BusterGonad Wed 08-Feb-17 08:00:45

I never used to keep mine in the box but since moving abroad I've kind of got into it. It started with a new foundation as I've heard that it can change colour in the sun so I kept the box and then everything after that, that I loved I've kept the box as I know I'll be moving again and can't bear to think of it getting broken and scratched!!! I would cry if my Marc Jacobs lipsticks got ruined, they have the ultimate packaging. Sleek, heavy, metal, magnetic!!!

squiz81 Wed 08-Feb-17 08:29:18

These acrylic drawers from Amazon. They are great, everything is easy to find and neatly tucked away.

ElspethFlashman Wed 08-Feb-17 10:42:25

Can anyone recommend child-proof make up storage?

Am seriously thinking of getting a toolbox with a lock!

EnidButton Wed 08-Feb-17 10:50:54

I have a dressing room with a dressing table and some IKEA Alex drawers for make up, beauty and hair stuff. But I store the make up I use most often in an acrylic organiser in the centre of the table which can be easily lifted and moved elsewhere so if you had somewhere you could fit one of those, they could be good. I fit loads into it and it still looks organised and neat. I got mine from Ryman's and I'm going to get some little drawers to go with it.

Btw, they sell Osco acrylic storage at John Lewis too but it's slightly more expensive. The main organiser is £20 in JL but £15 in Ryman's.

EnidButton Wed 08-Feb-17 10:53:29

I built my own for everyday items from cheapo Lego

shock Woah, now that's impressive!

ElspethFlashman Wed 08-Feb-17 10:53:29

I just found this amazing cosmetic bag storage thing:

Sadly not available on the QVC UK site. sad I would totally try it out if it was. You could shove it in a drawer but then at least when you pull it out you have everything right there.

squiz81 Wed 08-Feb-17 15:42:28

I want to see a photo of the lego make up storage!!

EnidButton Wed 08-Feb-17 16:00:02

Me too Squiz! I'm very impressed.

BusterGonad Wed 08-Feb-17 16:10:02

I need to see this Lego master piece too!

ShimmeringIce Wed 08-Feb-17 21:55:18

Aargh now I'm embarrassed at the lack of posh makeup!

This is it's 2nd iteration in about 2 years. I wish I'd picked up only white bricks though, I just felt a bit guilty buying every piece in the shop!

ShimmeringIce Wed 08-Feb-17 21:57:05

I've just ordered some acrylic bits from eBay, but most have too many lipstick-sized compartments. I like the look of those drawers Enid

Trundle13 Thu 09-Feb-17 00:34:35

Slowly sorting through/organising mine here!

- Heart-shaped acrylic holder for eye pencils, lip liners and most frequently used brushes (others stay in bdellium tools roll up thing)
- Acrylic holder for lipsticks
- Toast rack (!grin) for palettes

Everything else still in random make-up bags since house move eight months ago blush

EnidButton Thu 09-Feb-17 03:10:47

Shinmering That is ingenious! Brilliant idea.
I've just got the big (not really that big) Osco organiser but want the little drawers, just need to measure it to see if they'll go where I want. Or take a lippy in Rymans and try it. grin It's good thick plastic so nice and sturdy. Never thought of Amazon, they do have it on there too so might order from there, thank you.

EnidButton Thu 09-Feb-17 03:11:57

I like that lipstick holder Trundle. I'm going to need a bigger dressing table at this rate. grin

BusterGonad Thu 09-Feb-17 03:17:44

Shimmer nice Lego, I was half expecting a HUGE thing that look like a Harry Potter castle! Ha ha

ElspethFlashman Thu 09-Feb-17 07:56:48

Yeah I feel cheated there were no turrets! grin

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