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Itchy skin after shaving

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itsonlysubterfuge Mon 06-Feb-17 10:06:03

My skin is so itchy after shaving, Applying moisturizer has no effect. I've tried epilating, which helped, but only slightly. I don't mind having hairy legs during the winter, but I've had to stop shaving my arm pits too and I feel like I'm a yeti walking around. Even without shaving I have quite itchy skin, it's genetic, my dad and little sister both have the same problem. Itching happens soon after shaving so it isn't the hair growing back that causes the itching. I have no idea what it is, does anyone have any ideas? I haven't tried waxing yet, but would have to do at home waxing. I've thought about purchasing a IPL, but it's expensive if it doesn't help.

Does anyone else have a similar problem or have any ideas? I've just shaved my arm pits yesterday as my arm pit hair was longer than DH blush and I'm going crazy.

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