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My skin looks wrecked please help me to re find my 'glow'

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LazySusan11 Sun 05-Feb-17 22:47:09

After months of worry, sleeplessness a bad diet and now very recently bereaved my skin looks wrecked. I have large cystic acne along my jaw I look grey and pretty crap.

I don't normally eat much sugar and did have a fairly healthy diet but due to long hours sitting in hospital with mum and eating on the hop it's all taken it's toll. My eyes feel like sandpaper, my usual routine (think Caroline Hirons) is doing nothing.

I need a boost I don't want to go to my mums funeral looking like this.

Can anyone suggest anything that might help me? Thank you

gillybeanz Sun 05-Feb-17 23:28:53

Hello my love, so sorry for your loss thanks
the only advice I have for a quick result is to drink lots of water .
I'm sorry it's not much, but didn't want to read and run.
I would like the answer too, so hopefully someone will be along soon.

SilentlyScreamingAgain Sun 05-Feb-17 23:48:58

I'm so sorry for you loss and well done for sitting with your mum at the end, it really is the most amazing thing you can do for anyone.

For your skin, lots of water, lots of unsalted Brazil nuts and as much salmon as you can get down.

These are insanely expensive but work:

Maybe you can get a single one for the night before on EBay?

This is also amazing in terms of puffing out every line for a bit but it gives me spots, maybe if you're not prone to spots?

Orangebird69 Sun 05-Feb-17 23:52:19

Water, fish oil and Pixi Glow Tonic.
And flowers for you OP. I lost my nephew to a car accident last month. Funeral this week. Much love and unMN hugs to you xx

LazySusan11 Sun 05-Feb-17 23:54:16

I'm so sorry orange x

Thank you water and fish oil I can do..will have a look at your links too. Thank you for replying

Orangebird69 Mon 06-Feb-17 00:07:58

M&S stock (or you can order online and have delivered for free to your nearest store) the Pixi Glow. Also Superdrug Naturally Radiant Serum/Moisturiser is fab and cheap. Then MUI bronzer (very subtle pigment) can put a bit of glow back on your cheeks if applied with your fingers. If you need to and/or if you can, get a good colour/cut/blow-dry. It sounds so shallow but I've basically festered since my dnephew died. Getting my hair done mage me feel a bit more able to sort myself out in other ways. I'm so sorr for you too. Xx

Somevampsarehot Mon 06-Feb-17 00:23:29

I'm so sorry for your loss flowers
My sister swears by tcp antiseptic for spots. You just dab a bit on a cotton bud directly on it and it goes much quicker than usual apparently. Coconut oil before bed will help re-moisturise your skin (I use it every other night, I swear by it) and drink lots of water.

Somevampsarehot Mon 06-Feb-17 00:26:28

@orange I am so sorry flowers for you too. I lost my grandad 6 months ago and my nan 2 weeks ago. I think doing things like getting your hair done or trying something new with your skincare routine is an excellent way of nourishing your soul and helping your mental health, especially after such awful losses. Hugs for all of you xxx

SomewhereNow Mon 06-Feb-17 00:29:32

Sorry to hear your sad news flowers. I always find La Roche Pose Effaclar Duo the best for getting rid of those awful jawline spots and I know a lot of others on here also recommend it. Loads of water as well - if you're not keen those fruit infuser bottles are great, you can get them in Primark or Wilco for under a fiver.

Orangebird69 Mon 06-Feb-17 00:40:17

Thank you vamps. Same to you too flowers Still reeling and I think I will be for the foreseeable x

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