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Black tie 50th horror!!!! WTAF shall I wear?!

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Rabbitwoffle Sun 05-Feb-17 20:52:53

I am 43, 5ft tall, size 8, chunky veiny little legs, reasonable boobs and waist, bloat tum, very hairy and slightly saggy. All the attractives me. I like a casual mildly "edgy" look <deludes self>, so I would wear a dress with pockets, a jumpsuit, something a bit under dressed rather than too ladylike. No chiffon, no sparkles. I think I am a sultry winter classic gamine if that means anything. But now I am a bit too aged for topshop, what are my petite edgey black tie range options ? Or do I need to find a tailor person?

jeaux90 Sun 05-Feb-17 21:04:29

I saw that coast had a couple of more edgy evening gowns in. I would browse the evening dress sections of the department stores (the John Lewis app is great) for a cross selection. I saw a coast one which had panels and was cut long to knee high which looked more funky than formal.

Rabbitwoffle Sun 05-Feb-17 21:08:05

Ooh forgot about coast, thanks. I will go and have a hunt for pockets...

CwutchUp Sun 05-Feb-17 21:12:43

When is the party? I'm thinking there will be more choice in the shops in the Spring?

RemusLupinsChristmasMovie Sun 05-Feb-17 21:25:21

Black lace

All Saints

Love this but maybe not dressy enough?

Whistles if you can get into a 6 - their stuff sometimes comes up big.

RemusLupinsChristmasMovie Sun 05-Feb-17 21:25:37

No pockets though!

Iamastonished Sun 05-Feb-17 21:28:41

Why do people insist on dress codes for parties? I would never do this to my friends and family.

nooddsocksforme Sun 05-Feb-17 21:51:40 mumsnet don't like mint velvet but I do! maybe that's chiffon tho

Sciurus83 Mon 06-Feb-17 19:50:20

Reiss do great jumpsuits, might need taking up for 5ft tall

Rabbitwoffle Sat 25-Feb-17 20:26:55

Thanks to all who helped. We got the literal runs of back to back norovirus and so I was reprieved. Oh the heavenly relief despite the hideous puke fests. But thank you. I will be back in 18m for my next social occasion.

weaselwords Sat 25-Feb-17 20:32:36

Nancy Mac?

weaselwords Sat 25-Feb-17 20:34:49

Sorry! I didn't read your update blush

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