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Can this hair colour be achieved at home?

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fernandotherplants Sun 05-Feb-17 14:07:47

I don't think I can afford having my hair coloured at the hair dresser any longer.

My natural colour is a little darker than the attached images and I have a fair amount of greys coming out (on top) now confused.

What DIT hair colour brands are best? Can I use Henna to get this sort of hair colour? Please can you educate me on how to look after my hair colour without paying £££ every 8 weeks or so. thanks

itsbetterthanabox Sun 05-Feb-17 14:11:30

No henna would go dark red.
These all have a light golden brown base with subtle highlights running though.
It would be difficult to do yourself.

fernandotherplants Sun 05-Feb-17 14:25:23

Thank you itsbetterthanabox.

I have had highlights done for many years but would like to try a DIY approach.

Which hair colour brands are generally considered good?

BanjoStarz Sun 05-Feb-17 14:47:36

The first image can definitely be duped with a clairol box colour - I think it's clairol anyway - the one that promises a blend of 3 tones? Look at dark golden blonde or golden brown...The others look to have stronger differences in the highlights so won't be so easy.

fernandotherplants Sun 05-Feb-17 15:08:32

Hi banjo that's good to hear as I like the first one best. DO you have any experience with clairol box colour?

Gingerbreadmam Sun 05-Feb-17 15:12:33

do you have highlights now? if you get a box colour starting with number 7 and.put it all over it would be similar to first pic and then ur highlights would be slightly lighter.

superdrugs own colours are good as are loreal casting creme not sure what they are like for greys. you want a 20 wash one as theyre less damaging to.your hair and dont like it it will fade a bit.

Gingerbreadmam Sun 05-Feb-17 15:17:53

id give superdrugs own 7.73 a try.

Rio2016GB Sun 05-Feb-17 15:18:41

I use clairol nice and easy. I tend to change the colour every couple of months just a couple of shades depending on the season. It's covers grey really well. And gives a highlight effect.

The only downside is I have to dye it twice as often as a I would if I go to the hairdressers. But you'll be amazed at the great results.

BanjoStarz Sun 05-Feb-17 15:22:34

I use Clairol light ash blonde on myself, I love it, easy to use and the conditioner lasts for a good while as well. I've had hairdressers ask which colourists I've used...

I've been dying my own hair for years now and I'm definitely of the whack it on and see what happens approach to my hair - so if your happy to give it a whirl and see what happens then it's definitely worth trying.

auldfuckingspinster Sun 05-Feb-17 15:23:30

Henna with with cassia could work.

fernandotherplants Sun 05-Feb-17 15:23:57

sounds good ginger and rio

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