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to be really disappointed in the QVC TILI (try it, love it) box, third edition

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fadetoblack Sun 05-Feb-17 00:18:41

I hadn't heard if them until they had run out of the second edition box and I was really looking forward to this one. The only thing that I would use really is the PK hair elasticity thing for hair.
The nail varnish is grim, and to have two items that are in surprise colours just smacks of 'crap, we've got these leftover as nobody bought them. They don't even mention what colours they could be.
I was looking forward to a non subscription beauty box and now I just feel pissed off!

DameDiazepamTheDramaQueen Sun 05-Feb-17 00:21:43

Everything I've ever been sucked into buying from qvc I've sent back or find cheaper else where.

fadetoblack Sun 05-Feb-17 00:23:12

This was the second edition box

Compare to thi

fadetoblack Sun 05-Feb-17 00:24:39

NC1nightstand Sun 05-Feb-17 00:37:05

I'll admit it initially doesn't look as good as box 2 but there are actually some nice bits in there. The Pixi glow tonic is wonderful as far as acids go, Mally make some lovely make-up and I have heard good things about Doll 10. The This Works product is very nice and yes you are right in saying the PK hair product is unbeatable!
I usually get a subscription box now and again and have been pleasantly surprised by some that on first glance didn't look too promising.
Have you tried latest in beauty, you can choose your own products.

hollinhurst84 Sun 05-Feb-17 01:11:36

I get this one which is a Korean brands one, non subscription. Only downside is I end up having to google the products if not clear what they are then I fall down a rabbit hole of spotting endless "wants" grin

suze28 Sun 05-Feb-17 07:31:30

I bought the second box and loved it particularly the Tarte lash paint mascara. Having seen the third one now, it's not as good as I hoped, so I won't be buying it. I'd planned om buying one as a gift for a friend but definitely won't be.

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