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I've set myself a challenge, what sells well on eBay?

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littleredpear Sat 04-Feb-17 18:02:22

I've set myself a challenge. My wardrobes bursting and I would like to empty it.

I want to raise £500 from the clear out and treat myself to new shoes or boots and some capsule items.

Normally I'd send the whole lot to charity but the worn stuff is going, new or worn once stuff going on eBay.

Questions - what sells, what would you buy and is eBay the best place?

Handbags are going to a specialist website so sorted there.

littleredpear Sat 04-Feb-17 18:04:31

I should have said, I've listed loads with decent photos but only sold one pair of brand new Autograph shoes for £5.

It's not going well.

Ellapaella Sat 04-Feb-17 18:06:47

I would strongly recommend selling any labels on Facebook selling groups as oppose to eBay - nearly all labels have a selling group (pre loved) and you can sell safely at the price that you want with no hidden charges. Is becoming way to expensive to sell on eBay now.

TeaMeBasil Sat 04-Feb-17 18:07:25

Watching with these interest , I have about 20 items listed after a clear-out, all sorts of brands and decent items....but so far sold 2 coast dresses & an audiobook.

The items I thought would fly father watchers but no sales yet, on my second re-list.

So no helpful advice I'm afraid but I'm feeling your pain!

BabyHamster Sat 04-Feb-17 18:08:19

When I've sold things on eBay, it's always been upper end high street stuff and niche brands which have made decent money. Dresses seemed to sell better than tops and skirts (I didn't have any trousers to sell so can't compare).

I sold a dress from Emily and Fin for more than I bought it for (I got it in TKMaxx). I also got a lot for a Vivien of Holloway dress. Hobbs stuff did well too.

I barely made a profit on stuff from Warehouse, Laura Ashley and Crew. Not sure if it was the brand or the clothing itself which was the problem!

Ellapaella Sat 04-Feb-17 18:09:13

I just find Facebook selling a much easier and more hassle free experience than eBay. For example if you have anything from Boden to sell the FB preloved page is great, people will snatch things up and you can set the price. Just search in Facebook for the label you want to sell and you should find some groups.

Purplebluebird Sat 04-Feb-17 18:11:23

I have tons of nice clothes out on FB selling groups (don't like Ebay).... Have sold a skirt for a measly £2.50 so far sad It's been over a week now, with 2 bumps.

CointreauVersial Sat 04-Feb-17 18:12:53

Best thing to do is a Completed Item search, so you can see what similar things have sold for (or not).

Certain brands always sell well (Boden, Whistles for example), others less so.

SpangledBoots Sat 04-Feb-17 18:13:28

I use an app called Vinted to sell clothes and it's working much better for me. I sold on ebay for years before that.

There are a few downsides to the smaller audiences and Vinted hold the money until the seller has received but there are no seller fees so it's worth a shot.

I have struggled to sell more formal pieces (e.g. a dress I'd worn to a wedding) but jeans seem to sell really quickly!

littleredpear Sat 04-Feb-17 18:26:53

All new ideas, never thought about FB groups. I'm on a mulberry page and going to sell a mulberry bag through it this weekend.

I had no idea about Boden FB, I have loads.


Top ideas, any more?

JournosAreLazy Sat 04-Feb-17 18:56:56

Boden sells well on EBay as well as Zara and for some reason TopShop. M&S, even with price tags still attached, doesn't at all.

WicksEnd Sat 04-Feb-17 22:13:33

Great idea and I've just joined a couple.
Word of warning, Just be careful if searching for a 'Hush' selling page blush

It's a kinky picture swapping site grin

leggydisplay Sat 04-Feb-17 22:16:34

I don't think m&s sells well as there's just so much on there. Unless you know exactly what you're looking for you're unlikely just to put in "m&s top 12" for example as it returns nearly 4000 results.

I've always found mint velvet, whistles, boden and white stuff have gone well. Fat face not so much.

Mangoandpassionfruit Sat 04-Feb-17 23:38:19

Could I ask about the mulberry bag OP? What sort is it?

HoHumming Sat 04-Feb-17 23:55:22

I did a wardrobe clearout today and have about five pairs of unworn shoes. The thought of selling on eBay is daunting and I wouldn't know where to start. I wish it was easier as the shoes cost about 400 pds and are unworn and I will probably end up giving them to charity.

The good thing is I am determined not to spend more money on unnecessary stuff.

littleredpear Sun 05-Feb-17 08:21:32

Hello Mango it's a chocolate brown SP Antony messenger (so no pocket on the front) with silver hardware.

I also have an Effie in black that I have just never fallen in love with that I might sell too.

(Notes not to Facebook search Hush!)

The selling bit is daunting, I have to try hard to not have a toddler in my pictures.

StubbleTurnips Sun 05-Feb-17 08:27:38

I've made just over £200 selling my maternity clothes, before that clothes selling on eBay had been useless and more hassle than it's worth tbh.

Sold lots through FB selling for joules / catimini / jjmb children's clothes and have done well.

VeryPunny Sun 05-Feb-17 08:33:17

Sold loads on Ebay recently, no hassle at all. The mobile app makes it vey easy - snap a few pics, write a quick description and you're done. Haven't paid fees in ages. Sold loads of Boden, Phase Eight, Jigsaw, Dune etc. I set the starting price low to generate interest and send second class.

I hate Facebook though, yu know where you stand with EBay.

CreakingJoints Sun 05-Feb-17 09:15:23

Apart from Boden and Joules, what other Facebook selling pages are good?

Ellapaella Sun 05-Feb-17 10:14:37

There is one for FatFace, Whitestuff, SeaSalt and Crew clothing, one for Next and other high street brands. Pretty much everything that is high street has a group that will sell it. Don't know about Allsaints on Facebook but that does usually sell well on eBay if you can be bothered with all the hassle that comes with eBay. I think on Facebook because it's so 'public' buyers and sellers tend to behave themselves better and there is a lot less complaining, misleading and knit picking going on than on eBay. And prices are set as you want them so you won't end up with a load of hassle for an item that you sold for £2!

littleredpear Sun 05-Feb-17 12:03:27

What is the Boden group called please? I can only see Mini Boden groups.

Ellapaella Mon 06-Feb-17 15:27:28

Boden adults UK preloved buy and sell

user1486161908 Mon 06-Feb-17 21:11:15

What do you mean by not having paid fees in ages VeryPunny?( I sell on EBay and pay 25%
each month in fees!), I don't see there is any way to avoid this??

ZaZathecat Tue 07-Feb-17 09:01:50

user I've never paid fees on Ebay either. Are you paying because you run an actual business on there?

Slaymill Tue 07-Feb-17 09:05:58

littleredpear Can you tell me about the Mulberry page I have one to sell it's still in it's box unused.

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