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Anyone still doing bra interventions?

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bottersnikes Sat 04-Feb-17 17:34:24

If I'm a 31, almost 32 under bust, and 36 over it, might that make me a 32D?
I bought a 30DD in a sale a few weeks ago and while my bust looked awesome in it, it was so tight I could hardly breathe and it left marks on my ribs!
I also tried a sports bra (Berlei) on in a 32D and it was way too tight, so I ended up with a 34C, but I'm not convinced it's giving me enough support.
Any advice?
Thank you smile

Pistachiois50pmore Sat 04-Feb-17 19:49:20

I'd start with a 32D, yep, but it might vary brand to brand. Did you try the sports bra in a 32DD? That could have worked - you have to really scoop up anything that could remotely go in to the cup. It's not side flesh, it's all boob! That would have taken some pressure off the band so 32DD could be more comfy than a 32D. But some sports bras just are tight at first though, it's just the way they roll.

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