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Emperors New Clothes or what? Who the hell would wear this?

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TequillaTakilla Thu 02-Feb-17 15:38:58

Mooching around the sale at net a porter I came across this.

Is this a joke? Who the hell would wear this? And bear in mind it's not even for people with pierced noses!

I couldn't stop laughing at it.

FrizzBombDelight Thu 02-Feb-17 15:42:35

These are definitely a thing at the minute!

BritabroadinAsia Thu 02-Feb-17 15:44:39

I can see it being useful for weight loss.

I appreciate the 'smooth rounded edges give a comfortable fit', though. A thoughtful extra detail.

TheFirstMrsDV Thu 02-Feb-17 15:46:17

'face jewelry' grin

TequillaTakilla Thu 02-Feb-17 15:51:23

LOL @ Britabroad
Myself I enjoyed the "slips on" part of the description.

IJustLostTheGame Thu 02-Feb-17 16:21:51

My best friend would love that

Ladybirdbookworm Thu 02-Feb-17 16:34:01

Aw bloody hell I get a snotty nose just looking at it

Idrinkandiknowstuff Thu 02-Feb-17 16:37:07

WTF! How are you supposed to eat or drink with that monstrosity dangling off your hooter.

TequillaTakilla Thu 02-Feb-17 16:38:22

Time for a new best friend!

IJustLostTheGame Thu 02-Feb-17 19:28:08

Nah, she's bonkers. It's great.

LindyHemming Thu 02-Feb-17 19:32:58

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

burnishedsilver Thu 02-Feb-17 19:37:18

....but you couldn't speak while wearing it confused

HoHumming Fri 03-Feb-17 00:42:25

I have that and really like it!!! I wear mine as part of an evening look. It is actually quite lightweight. You can easily sort of make it swing over a little while taking a sip from your glass. I find it really versatile.

I jest.

herecomesthsun Fri 03-Feb-17 07:49:38

I think it could be useful if you are very young and want to look kind of punky in a way that doesn't leave holes or tattoos that you might later regret.

DressageNut Fri 03-Feb-17 10:01:26

Nice, if you want to channel your inner bull?

70isaLimitNotaTarget Fri 03-Feb-17 14:37:21

Ah, scroll down to the 'How to wear it' suggestions and those suede crystal sandles with one dental floss like strip across your toes and one round your heel.
I'd look a picture falling right on my arse in those shoes and the nose ring. blush

AndShesGone Fri 03-Feb-17 14:47:24

"I can identify as who I want! Today I will be Daisy"

SilentlyScreamingAgain Fri 03-Feb-17 16:10:54

I've no idea how that made its way into the sale, you'd have thought they would have been flying out the door.

FuckOffDailyMailQuitQuotingMN Fri 03-Feb-17 16:14:49


clairethewitch70 Fri 03-Feb-17 16:17:31

Whoo I bloody love it, want one now.

Fuzzypeggy Fri 03-Feb-17 16:46:12

That is weird and ugly and weird again. And I normally like unusual things but this is several steps too far imo!

TequillaTakilla Fri 03-Feb-17 17:17:54


I've no idea how that made its way into the sale, you'd have thought they would have been flying out the door.

Total LOL. ROFL.

and also Dressage Nice, if you want to channel your inner bull?

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