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Primer/filler for rumpled face

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Lizardlegs Thu 02-Feb-17 12:48:20


I had one of those nights and this morning my face is looking really rumpled and 'unironed' no matter how much slap I add... I'm 44 and look generally OK, but not today.

I had some success before Christmas with the Filorga Time-Filler which came in the M&S advent calendar but I am reluctant to spend £50 on 50ml if there is something better and/or cheaper out there...

Any advice?

prettywhiteguitar Thu 02-Feb-17 13:01:10

I have had some success with the nip and fab primer. I was looking wrinkly and dry and this certainly made my foundation go on smoothly, I use a beauty blender too, the cheap primark one.

Lizardlegs Thu 02-Feb-17 13:11:54

Thanks Guitar! Is this the one?

half price!!! Good timing....

prettywhiteguitar Thu 02-Feb-17 13:33:50

Argh sorry no it's this one

prettywhiteguitar Thu 02-Feb-17 13:34:30

I would try the serum at that price anyway

prettywhiteguitar Thu 02-Feb-17 13:38:12

It's available in Superdrug which is buy one get one free for nip fab products !

Lizardlegs Thu 02-Feb-17 13:49:53

Nice one! I think I'll try both of those - much cheaper than the Filorga!

prettywhiteguitar Thu 02-Feb-17 14:05:57

I will say use a pea sized amount and it's texture is a gel, not a moisturiser like the one from M&S, and it's not the best smelling stuff ! However it makes my very thin layer of foundation last all day.

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