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Can I wear this to a wedding....

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MaryPoppinsPenguins Thu 02-Feb-17 04:00:54

A red fifties style halter neck dress with black spots? Or is it a bit much...

SuperVeggie Thu 02-Feb-17 04:42:21

I think it depends on several things: how revealing it is, how much the skirt bit poofs out, how short it is etc. If it is short and shows a lot of boob and the skirt poofs really far out (hope you know what I mean, lol) then it might be a bit too much. However if it is quite classy and not too short and you could do it with some classic hair/makeup and nice heels then it could look lovely. I think the key might be not to go too OTT with hair, makeup and nails etc and then it won't look too 'loud'.

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