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Laser for acne scars?

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AllFurCoatNoKnickera Tue 31-Jan-17 15:24:57

Just wondering if anyone has any recommendations or advice around laser for acne scars and resurfacing?

Bit of background - spot prone skin since early teens (now 28) and since having a baby in Feb 2016 haven't had any active acne so looking to smooth my face.

If there are alternatives to laser, would love to hear your experiences. Have tried microdermabrasion but didn't really get the results I was looking for.

missfliss Tue 31-Jan-17 18:05:47

I have a Tria anti ageing laser which I'm chuffed with. Acne scars aren't a big issue for me ( so sorry if this isn't helpful) but lots of the reviews suggest it is really good for fading and minimising those.
Phillips ReAura does the same thing but now discontinued ( they resell on eBay secondhand though) and if you have the money then fraxel is used very successfully.
Good luck

girlyengineer Wed 01-Feb-17 08:06:00

I usually have a few spots at any one time and have quite a few scars from previous breakouts that never really cleared up so I started a course of face peels and microdermabrasions a couple months ago. i have had 2 so far and have seen such a difference already! The salon I go to does the Agera ones (i think thats the right spelling) and it's quite a mild one, but they increase in strength each time, starting at 12% and upping to 40%. The microdermabrasion afterwards just helps get rid of the dead skin so better results are expected. A few scars have lightened up already and my skin is so much softer. Large pores are seemingly reducing and I feel like the dark circles under my eyes are reducing? The peeling afterwards is quite minimal so far and is just around the nose and chin, only lasts a couple days. I'm having 6 altogether so cannot wait to see the improvement after a couple more smile hope that's helpful!

AllFurCoatNoKnickera Wed 01-Feb-17 15:46:11

Thanks MissFliss I'll do some research on that. Not sure how DH will feel about more beauty gadgets after spending loads on a Lumea that has barely been touched!

That sounds promising Girly, the beautician mentioned a peel but I wasn't sure how my skin would react. Maybe it'd be worth trying again with them both this time.

U2HasTheEdge Wed 01-Feb-17 21:39:44

I am saving up to have my skin resurfaced.

I don't even know what that really means. I am waiting until my acne has calmed down a bit more as I have 4 new scars from awful cystic spots. My spiro is helping my acne for the most part but I'm going to wait until I'm mostly clear.

Then I'm being resurfaced... whatever that actually means. I haven't had a consultation yet.

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