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this in the Toast sale

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ErnieAndBernie Tue 31-Jan-17 10:18:31

toast tunic
I am about to purchase this I think. I'm only 5'3 and about a size 12 normally. I've never bought from Toast before, would I need a small or a medium in this do you think?
And should I splurge and get this ??? I'm tempted....toast donegal sweater

I don't buy clothes very often and for the last few years I have felt rather lost. I'm getting divorced this year and am feeling the need to re-assert myself a bit! Any opinions on what to wear it with (a nice pair of good leather brogues I reckon) also appreciated! Thank you

Swimminguphill Tue 31-Jan-17 10:21:47

I think they come up small so I would go M

It's a nice tunic, would go with jeans, black trousers, it's a good wardrobe staple but not particularly "assertive"... you might want to get a bright coloured collared shirt to wear underneath?

ErnieAndBernie Tue 31-Jan-17 10:24:44

swimming I was thinking a nice mustard colour long sleeve underneath and maybe a nice scarf with some good texture?
I agree the top itself is not assertive but I think it's me trying to come out from a bit of a shadow and take some more notice of myself if you know what I mean?

Starman16 Tue 31-Jan-17 10:27:03

Toast sizes run large in my experience, often by a whole size. As this is an oversized style anyway I'd personally err on the side of getting a smaller size

Starman16 Tue 31-Jan-17 10:27:37

It's lovely by the way - very jealous!

Swimminguphill Tue 31-Jan-17 10:47:10

Funny Starman! I think they are a bit small! Tailored stuff definitely. Maybe order both and you can return one?

Yes I think depending on your colouring it would look nice with fuchsia, teal, even a nice white shirt. I am personally a fan of scarves even though they have been decreed passe. Also a chunky silver cuff would give some boho chic

missmartha Tue 31-Jan-17 11:21:52

I always find Toast is large, but I've only bought a handful of things from them. Yes, order both Sand M and see how it goes.

FlyWaxSleepRepeat Tue 31-Jan-17 11:26:23

Toast are v large ime.

They only have small left - unless you've already got a M in your basket.

It's very long, 31 inches, at your height it's going to be almost to your knees.

ErnieAndBernie Tue 31-Jan-17 12:31:37

I've gone with a small as I think a medium will swamp my height.

I haven't bought any clothes for so long, it was rather nice. I need to get back to being happy with my appearance and not just relying on jeans all the time. smile

JessicaTOAST1 Tue 31-Jan-17 13:39:37

Hi ErnieandBernie, I work at TOAST and came across your post this morning. We were touched by your story and feel privileged that you have come to us for some new pieces to add to your wardrobe after a difficult time. As a gift we would like to give you the merino tunic dress free of charge. Please could you email our CS team on with your order number and details, and we can arrange from there.

Braceybracegirl Tue 31-Jan-17 13:41:40

Is that last post for real?!! I like the dress too! Similar height and size!!!

BitOutOfPractice Tue 31-Jan-17 13:41:49

Well how blummin' nice is that?!

onwego Tue 31-Jan-17 13:44:04


Starman16 Tue 31-Jan-17 13:54:54

Awww TOAST what a lovely gesture!

Swimminguphill Tue 31-Jan-17 14:27:33

Wow! Love Toast!! Great job. It's tough taking baby steps into being yourself again.

ErnieAndBernie Tue 31-Jan-17 14:40:06

Oh my goodness! If this is for real then that is amazing! I have emailed the contact email for customer services.
Wow, I'm really touched. You may have made my eyes water a little.

AddToBasket Tue 31-Jan-17 14:43:01

That was awesome! And the dress is fab. Win win.

KarlosKKrinkelbeim Tue 31-Jan-17 14:45:39

I was humming and hawing over whether to go back and buy yet more in the toast sale but this has decided me!

imthelastsplash Tue 31-Jan-17 14:47:56

What a lovely thing to read! Have nothing to add now smile

Bluntness100 Tue 31-Jan-17 14:48:09

Blimey, as nice things to do, that's up there.

I might actually consider buying from toast now. 😃

Op. pic of it on when it arrives please...

Whatthefoxgoingon Tue 31-Jan-17 14:50:38

Nice one toast! I buy loads from there, nice to hear it's from a good retailer.

I find the sizes run large though, especially the ones which are relaxed fit.

ErnieAndBernie Tue 31-Jan-17 15:41:36

I've just had a lovely email from their customer services. It was all above board and they are going to refund my payment so its free grin Thats' totally made my day!!

BitOutOfPractice Tue 31-Jan-17 15:45:35

Lovely gesture and great PR toast!

UnOeufIsEnough Tue 31-Jan-17 16:34:07

That's so lovely. What a fab gesture from Toast.

ArriettyClock1 Tue 31-Jan-17 16:38:08

How lovely of Toast.

Fwiw, I think their clothes are pretty true to size.

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