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BreadAndChipsPlease Tue 31-Jan-17 09:49:07

I use Isotrex gel which I get on prescription for acne- it's 0.05% isotretinoin.

However been wondering about adding in an anti aging retinol serum- something like the Ordinary Advanced retinoids 2%.

But I'm totally confused as to whether this is actually stronger or whether the stuff I'm already using on prescription is better.

Anyone understand retinoids and can can advise??

BreadAndChipsPlease Tue 31-Jan-17 19:42:31

Bump- anyone?

barefoofdoctor Tue 31-Jan-17 20:38:57


Dulcimena Tue 31-Jan-17 21:44:06

Honestly this is the first time I've heard of topical isotretinoin (it's more commonly taken orally as roaccutane) but I would strongly suspect that your prescription will be stronger than any OTC product. The percentages really aren't comparable. My understanding of topical retinoids (keeping in mind that I am no expert re isotretinoin) is that they all function in roughly the same way and I'd expect you'd have a better anti-aging effect that anything available OTC. Roaccutane is notoriously drying though, how's your skin doing with it? If anything I would be looking to add extra moisture, not more/another retinoid. Re anti-aging, and esp when using retinoids, definitely use a good sunscreen even in deepest winter - but I am sure you have that covered.

SilentlyScreamingAgain Tue 31-Jan-17 21:54:05

Isotretinion is retin a. Retin a starts working, at the concentration applied, as soon as you put it on your skin. Other retoniols need to go through a chemical change before they start working. So you can't compare 2% of a precursor with .5% of an active ingredient.

If the 'tret is working on your acne, you will be getting all the anti aging effects you can expect. If it's not woking on your acne, you could ask you doctor for something stronger.

Dulcimena Tue 31-Jan-17 22:00:14

Isotretinoin is not actually the same as tretinoin (retin-A) - however they are both retinoids (vit a derivatives). Agree however that a 0.05% will be more effective than anything available OTC.

BreadAndChipsPlease Tue 31-Jan-17 22:25:25

Ok good to know thank you- guess I was just seduced by the 2% statement on the over the counter stuff.

Will crack on with the isotrex- it is quite drying but I use on top of a moisturiser which seems to work!

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