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Does this top go with this skirt?

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ScarlettDarling Mon 30-Jan-17 19:13:59

and if so, are they suitable for a 42 year old?!
I'm 5'11" , size 10/12 and it's for an evening out with work colleagues.

naffedoff Mon 30-Jan-17 19:21:26

I would say so. I'm about the same height and size as you - and a few years older - and I'd wear this type of outfit. Although I have an A-line faux leather skirt as that shape suits me better.

margaritasbythesea Mon 30-Jan-17 19:22:39

Yes. Nice top. Not keen on the way the bottom panel on the skirt seems to hang though.

ScarlettDarling Mon 30-Jan-17 19:41:29

Any suggestions for other bottoms to go with the top? I'm not convinced by the skirt myself.

AlmostNQT Mon 30-Jan-17 19:44:03

I would say you'd be better with more of an a-line fit and flare skirt! It'd pull you in at the waist and look lovely!

Mrstumbletap Mon 30-Jan-17 19:46:09

Black skinny jeans and ankle boots?

Pinkiepie1985 Mon 30-Jan-17 19:46:13

Both items are beautiful, lovely outfit. Think the top only works with the skirt tho because it jazzes it up. That's a daytime top to me, but the skirt makes it an evening one, I think putting the top with jeans would make it look a little casual. What about faux leather trousers? Or is it the material you're not keen on?

ScarlettDarling Mon 30-Jan-17 19:48:33

Don't know if I'm too old for leather?!

And think skinnies would be too casual for the 'do' I'm going to. Aaaargh....might just stay home and wear my pjs!!

Pinkiepie1985 Mon 30-Jan-17 19:51:39

Ha ha, no 42 is not too old. Go for it. Leave the tag in and take it back the next day if you think you wont wear again wink. I have a faux suede river island pencil skirt too that would look nice

ScarlettDarling Mon 30-Jan-17 19:52:22

What about this pleated leather skirt? Really like it but think it's too 'busy' having pleats with all the pattern on the top too?

ExcitedMamaToBe Mon 30-Jan-17 19:53:58

Ohh I really like the pleated leather one!!

Pinkiepie1985 Mon 30-Jan-17 19:56:33

I prefer the pencil but both could work

naffedoff Mon 30-Jan-17 20:10:49

I have this skirt which looks good.

SymbollocksInteractionism Mon 30-Jan-17 20:12:14

I prefer the pencil skirt and you're tall and slim so could definitely pull it off.
I have a similar skirt and wear it all the time it's great and can be dressed up or down.

ScarlettDarling Mon 30-Jan-17 20:45:15

naffe that skirt would be so short on me and even though I've still got decent legs, I def think 42 is too old for mini skirts. Was so much easier back in the day when all I had to do was get my legs out and I was ready for a night out! grin

whydididothatt Mon 30-Jan-17 20:48:19

I love the first skirt your posted and definitely not too young for 42! Pencil skirts on your height are lovely. I think it would be nicer with a cream camisole or something a bit more dressy.

naffedoff Mon 30-Jan-17 20:56:00

The Next skirt A-line faux leather comes in Tall - I have it in this length and it's a very sensible, just an inch or two above the knee!

myknickersknackersknockers Tue 31-Jan-17 07:42:31

I think the first two items you posted would look lovely together for a night out.

NewPantsforaNewYear Tue 31-Jan-17 12:00:36

I prefer the pencil skirt but I agree with a pp about where the seam falls.

This one from Tesco is better and an absolute bargain!

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