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Really confused about skincare *help*

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FishlessCake Mon 30-Jan-17 15:14:55

So I've ordered the bio and fab pads (evening and daytime) but I'm unsure on if I should get pixi glow tonic or the ordinary retinoid 2%? Please just take the decision out of my hands blush. I'm 31 acne prone skin (not a heavy makeup wearer). Thanks smile

FishlessCake Mon 30-Jan-17 15:15:27

Bio = nip

FishlessCake Mon 30-Jan-17 18:51:54

blush anyone?

Bleurghghghgh Tue 31-Jan-17 05:55:37

Start with just the nip and fab pads - maybe not even every day. Acne prone skin tends to be really sensitive and you don't want to do any damage. I'd say try out just the pads for a month or so before moving on to anything stronger. This will also mean you'll know what it is your skin is reacting to or being improved by.

I know with skincare it's easy to jump right in and change everything at once but this means you can't really measure what's happening to your face!

Bleurghghghgh Tue 31-Jan-17 05:58:01

Longer term- the glow tonic would replace either morning or night pads. Personally I'm not a fan and use the extreme (night?) pads AM and PM. Also try the dragons blood pads- they contain hylauronic acid so too moisturising for AM for me but they're salycilic acid based rather than glycolic which cleans out pores rather than just sloughing off the dead skin on top

FishlessCake Tue 31-Jan-17 06:27:54

Ok thanks, that really makes sense. I will start in the morning maybe every other day, and possibly ditch the evenin pads and use the pixi glow on the alternative nights?

FishlessCake Tue 31-Jan-17 06:28:14

*evening blush

Bleurghghghgh Tue 31-Jan-17 07:02:26

I'm glad, I rarely make sense before noon!

You can do - I tend to find that the pixi is more moisturising than the nip and fab glycolic pads (i think it's missing the alcohol) so may be better for your skin in this weather (or in general). But again be aware that if you alternate you won't actually know which product you like! I used pixi for ages before realising that I actually much prefer the nip and fab stuff

FishlessCake Tue 31-Jan-17 07:04:12

Yikes, maybe start with just the nip and fab for 3 weeks then introduce the pixi? This is a minefield blush

Bleurghghghgh Tue 31-Jan-17 08:24:17

That sounds like a good idea - maybe even do it the other way round as the pixi is gentler due to no alcohol (i think) - start with that PM for a week, then add in AM and see how you get on with for a couple of weeksthat and switch the AM for the nip and fab and then phase in the PM one?
It is bloody confusing - beyond acids I'm relatively basic in my routine because I don't have a clue what order to put all these serums/oils/treatments on!

FishlessCake Tue 31-Jan-17 08:37:35

Thanks you have been brilliant flowers. I don't even know what a serum is, but I'm 32 (today hate birthdays) so need to start making more of an effort

Bleurghghghgh Tue 31-Jan-17 09:18:18

Aww happy birthday! Try to have a nice day wineflowers for you!

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