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Help me find a bag for this dress please...

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Jaimx86 Sun 29-Jan-17 22:10:40

What bag would you use with this day dress and black shoes? I can't decide whether I should get a simple black bag, or something more unusual. I'm currently thinking of this one: but it doesn't quite seem right. Budget up to £500 if it's black, around £250 if it's a different colour.

Jaimx86 Sun 29-Jan-17 22:11:15

Whoops - forgot to show the dress.

Jaimx86 Mon 30-Jan-17 07:04:57

Anyone? I know there are some handbag connoisseurs(!) on here smile

Jaimx86 Fri 03-Feb-17 20:43:42

Anyone at all? I keep looking on my usual websites and I'm feeling uninspired.

ReginaGeorgeinSheepsClothing Fri 03-Feb-17 20:45:35

How big a bag? And is it for a specific occasion? I.e would a Mulberry Lily be big enough or are you needing more of a tote/satchel?

Jaimx86 Fri 03-Feb-17 21:01:24

Small - just big enough for an iPhone and bank card...maybe a lipstick. The Mulberry Lily looks nice actually. Was set against Mulberry for some reason, but do like that one. I've seen the one pictured today, but in a similar way to the Mulberry one I'm not sure if the chain would soon look outdated? If the bag did have a chain, do you think gold or silver would be best?

Jaimx86 Fri 03-Feb-17 21:01:41

Best with that dress and black shoes I mean.

ReginaGeorgeinSheepsClothing Fri 03-Feb-17 21:08:21

Poss gold- most of the hardwear on the mulberry is gold if that's where you're heading- do you have a budget and would you go 'preloved' vestaire collective - have some amazing bags!

ReginaGeorgeinSheepsClothing Fri 03-Feb-17 21:10:01

WhisperingLoudly Fri 03-Feb-17 21:13:40

Flat square edged black clutch

WhisperingLoudly Fri 03-Feb-17 21:15:26

Definitely no shoulder straps

Jaimx86 Sat 04-Feb-17 19:39:44

I was wondering about straps, Whispering. Glad you brought that up. Do you have any clutches in mind? Budget wise, the money is there, but I've never been one to spend frivously... however, I'm now 30 and feel it's time to treat myself. The bag is for our post elopement celebration with family and friends.

dibly Sat 04-Feb-17 20:58:56

Fab dress. This is lovely, although slightly over budget

WhisperingLoudly Sat 04-Feb-17 21:21:37

Straps will mess with the contrast of the belt - it'll end up looking messy.

Both these are over budget -sorry! - but lovely

Givency €380
Chloe €500

WhisperingLoudly Sat 04-Feb-17 21:27:06

Plenty of high street £50-£80 versions

The narrower one is dune £45

The one with the band is Kylie and Kendall half price at $120

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