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Button front tunics for post pregnancy

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KatnissMellark Sun 29-Jan-17 17:39:29

I'm 33 weeks and so fed up of crap maternity clothes! Thinking about my post natal wardrobe and perhaps tunics and leggings with boots/converse would be good...comfy and not too close fitting in the first few months while I'm still carrying extra weight. Button front ideally as hoping to breastfeed. Can anyone link to any nice ones? (I'm 5ft5 and was size 10 pre-pregnancy) Or any other suggestions?

Just don't want to be in a clothing funk as well fat and knackered after the birth grin

Thegirlisnotright Sun 29-Jan-17 20:01:50

Shirt dresses are in, might they work? here

KatnissMellark Sun 29-Jan-17 21:10:04

Ooh, that's quite nice...only thing is its quite high necked and I am extremely large of nork so can look overly matronly in things like that hmm

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