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Growing my hair, should I cut?

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DavetheCat2001 Sun 29-Jan-17 15:31:24

My hair was cut into a shortish bob last time I went to the hairdressers.

I have since decided that a longer length suits me better so am growing it out. I don't want to go mega long but shoulder length-ish I reckon.

Should I be getting it trimmed? I don't want to lose too much length as it seems to be taking ages to grow, but know it needs a trim as the ends are really dry.

How much would you recommend off? Should I ask for one length all over? Layers have a tendency to make my hair 'pouf' out, especially at mid length.

I have attached a pic..apologies for the state of me, just dyed my roots in readiness for my hair appointment on Tuesday!

Any advice gratefully received smile

Ladyformation Mon 30-Jan-17 09:49:38

Mine grows much quicker with regular trims (I say every 3 months is enough for me) and is much healthier too. I always just say that I want to keep as much length as possible, but want everything that's dead to come off, which seems to make sense to my long suffering hairdresser!

DavetheCat2001 Mon 30-Jan-17 10:18:05

Thanks Lady

I have been going to the same hairdresser for years and he is great, it just smarts a bit having to pay £55 odd quid for a trim!

My hair definitely needs a trimthough, the ends are really dry.

Pollypickypocket Mon 30-Jan-17 12:00:38

Find someone cheaper if it's just a trim !!! You do need to keep split ends at bay otherwise they will travel up the hair shafts.

DavetheCat2001 Mon 30-Jan-17 12:21:04

I think I'll see my regular guy tomorrow and get it cut into a bit of a style, and then find someone cheaper to trim it afterwards.

Pollypickypocket Mon 30-Jan-17 14:42:23

Sounds like a good plan !

Pollypickypocket Mon 30-Jan-17 14:43:22

If i were you I would put the differance into a few Opalex treatments if you can x

DavetheCat2001 Mon 30-Jan-17 17:04:19

I had to Google Opalex!

Is it good? Do you use it?


Pollypickypocket Mon 30-Jan-17 20:36:16

It's very good and great for coloured hair your trying to grow

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