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Tattoo in/around London

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BigDamnHero Sun 29-Jan-17 09:47:22

I'm not sure this is the best place to post this but I couldn't find anywhere better (I normally stick to the SEN boards, Chat, AIBU and occasionally Sporner Corner).

I really want a new tattoo for my birthday. I had one about a decade ago and just went to a parlour that happened to be up the road from where I lived and had been recommended by a friend. Really easy.

But we've moved since then and now live in Greater London. The thought of trying to narrow down options here is daunting!

So, can anyone recommend a tattoo place in London/Greater London that's good, clean, certified etc. but perhaps doesn't cost the Earth (the tattoo I want is a little intricate but not exactly a work of art)?

DH's friend recommended a guy and I liked the look of his work but he hasn't replied to messages.

pinkyredrose Sun 29-Jan-17 11:54:34

Depends what style of tattoo you're after. Also I wouldn't go on price alone, you should expect to pay about £70/80 an hour.

BigDamnHero Sun 29-Jan-17 12:14:47

Sorry, that's a good point! I'm looking to get silhouettes of three animals.

I seem to remember my other tattoo was about £90 (I think the artist charged £60 p/h and it took about an hour and a half) so with inflation and factoring in London pricing £70/£80 an hour is about what I was expecting.

I just meant I'd rather go somewhere good charging standard rates rather than to somewhere people travel to from all round the world that charges twice the normal rate (if that makes any sort of sense).

LadyOfTheCanyon Sun 29-Jan-17 19:44:05

The two I would use are Diamond Jacks or Hard Luck Tattoo in Kingston. But I think both of those will be more £££.

FelixFelix Sun 29-Jan-17 19:46:40

You can't really get any good recommendations without knowing what style of tattoo you're after. Any ideas? I know a few places but all very different styles.

CheckpointCharlie2 Sun 29-Jan-17 19:48:31

DH went to Mo Copoleta at The Family Business but there was a long waiting list and it took nine hours, and was v expensive! But ten years on it still looks amazing. That's the only tattoo place I know.

OnTheUp13 Sun 29-Jan-17 19:52:25

Demon ink tattoo in Welling SE London are good. I've had 5 done there- Margo is my fav artist and they're £80 ph

flossisboss Mon 30-Jan-17 00:01:36

Kindred in South Woodford are excellent

PeoniesforMissAnnersley Mon 30-Jan-17 00:04:00

Harriet Hapgood at Good Times tattoo in shoreditch is amazing - she has an instagram if you want to check her out. The other artists in that studio are also really worth a look, especially Nicole Lowe

BigDamnHero Mon 30-Jan-17 11:17:02

Sorry, Felix, I should have described what I want in my OP but didn't want it to be too long (I have a habit of over-explaining things).

I want three small silhouettes of animals on my forearm (the animals are linked to the pseudonyms I've given DH and my sons on the blog I write).

BigDamnHero Mon 30-Jan-17 11:18:07

Thank you for all the suggestions! It just gives me somewhere to start if I have some places/people to look into so I really appreciate everyone's help.

TheFirstMrsDV Mon 30-Jan-17 11:50:06

floss can you tell me more about Kindred?
I had a crap experience with Blue Fire a few years back and it put me off going local.
I was planning to go up to Frith Street but as I am after a fairly smallish tat it would be handy to go nearer to home.

flossisboss Mon 30-Jan-17 12:56:09

@TheFirstMrsDV - Kindred started up about 2-3 years ago. I have a friend who has some quite serious tattoos and he wanted some cover ups, another sleave, plus touch ups. He met a tattooist called Hayden when he was working at another studio in Ilford and followed him when he moved to Kindred. I've had a tattoo done by Hayden and I love it. He actually started out as a painter and the Kindred studio doubles as an art gallery too. I know it's really personal and depends on what you want done, but I would trust Hayden 100%. There are two other tattooists there and their work also looks awesome. Feel free to PM me if you want more info!

TheFirstMrsDV Mon 30-Jan-17 13:01:48

Thanks for that. I will have a look. I work in Woodford so could pop over in my lunch. smile

flossisboss Mon 30-Jan-17 13:06:47

No worries, hope you find the right tattooist for you! smile

Eastpoint Mon 30-Jan-17 13:14:09

I've met a nice piercer who works at [ The Circle]] but their website is being reworked at the moment. Their instagram account shows their work.

Racheyg Mon 30-Jan-17 18:48:37

Evil from the needle in Camden is very good. Have had quite a few from there. It's about 90 per hour

Cult classics in Romford is also very good. I got a large tattoo from there.

Also good times tattoo in the city but they are about 120 per hour

MrsMarigold Mon 30-Jan-17 18:53:58

The Family Business in Exmouth Market has incredible tattoo artists

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